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Will There Come a Point I Will Be Limited without a Partner?

Make fun if you wish but I don’t have a single person on earth to workout with. The friends I have wouldn’t be caught dead near a weight (or at the gym at all for that matter) unfortunately for me. I guess there’s workers at the gym I could ask but don’t really want to. I’m not at the point yet but there will come a time when I will max out on my bench press and maybe squats (but not sure about this as I usually don’t see spotters on squats even heavy?) without assistance. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated or maybe there isn’t much to add.

I don’t even care about having a workout partner as far as “motiviation” or anything like that. I motivate me. But I’m 39 and about 3 months in and the weights are starting to get heavier.

If your concern is having a spotter for a max attempt here and there, and you lift at a gym, it’s a fair assumption there will be other people there: just ask them; nobody minds doing it.

If you lift at home, just make sure you’re in the rack and have the safeties set… and don’t post the footage to YouTube!


Yeah I workout at this rehab place because it’s free with my insurance but it’s a lot of old people lol and there often time isn’t anyone else there even the old people today i went I was the only one.

I don’t get the “don’t post the footage to youtube” what relevance does that have and why would I do that?

I was just joking. People only put up their hero videos.

If there’s a rack available, just set the pins where you won’t die if you lose the bar and you’ll be good to go


If you’re training for strength you don’t Really need to fail any benches or squats. Lots of programs are based on hitting your reps and stopping the set, or leaving a rep or two in the tank.

If you’re training for size going to failure is good, but you can do lifts where you won’t get crushed by the bar when you can’t lift anymore. Like dips or lunges or any “bodybuilding” exercises.

So, no, you may not be limited at all by training without a partner. Lots of guys train alone.

Lifting with other people or lifting around other people who know about lifting can teach you a lot though.


In 21 years of lifting, I have never had a lifting partner. I have won strongman competitons and powerlifting meets while training out of a garage with no heat or air.

Strong is strong.

For benching alone, I just go for it


I got pinned by a barbell once, early in my lifting days, while benching. Fortunately, I was at a gym and a couple friends were nearby. Since then, if I’m lifting alone, I use dumbbells when benching.

Don’t clip your bench if you’re lifting solo. If you fail the lift you can always dump the weight. Furthermore: squat at a proper rack (or cage) with safeties.

Ultimately you’re only 3 months into what should become a lifetime journey. The weights will get progressively heavier, but you will learn when you’ve pushed your limit so that you don’t risk hurting yourself.

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Aircon is my favourite training partner


My gym is my back porch, I put a tarp over my rack when I’m done. My training partner is a vurry furry husky :smiley:

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That is a good idea don’t clip bench.

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