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Will Test E/Dbol Cycle Lead to Shutdown?

so i’ve been taking dbol only for about 6 days, gonna start the test e tomorrow
Gonna run DBOL for 4-5 weeks and then the test for about 10-12 weeks
wondering if my balls are gonna work on/ after the cycle or if i should take something to help

Nope not working on cycle. They are going on lunch break.

But to really answer your question they will mostly shut down producing swimmers while on cycle its not full proof Enough to use as a birth control method but damn close.

After you pct they will be back up and running (hopefully) blood test will show for sure. No need to take anything to keep them working for a blast

im wondering if my dicks gone work after no natural test is being made whats the facepalm for guy

You wonder if your dick is going to work…while taking testosterone…which is the most important male hormone…and the dick is a male appendage whose function is almost entirely related to male hormones? You don’t see how that question was just a tad bit facepalmy?

na man, i’m saying when i stop the test i was wondering once the test stops is my natural testerone gonna kick back in

Ok that question is much, much worse. Have you done even a moment of research or did you just start popping pills and (soon) pinning oil? Because there’s like a whole second part of your cycle that you need to have planned out and ready.

The first two facepalms were for the obvious lack of research before taking drugs that can have serious long term consequences and the third was for doing dbol only.

You mentioned nothing about PCT which can only lead me to believe you don’t have a recovery protocol. Now you’re wondering if your dick is going to keep working.

Ultimately we can’t tell you if it will or not. The younger you are the better chances you have. But you need to get some Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) ASAP. Two weeks after your last injection of testosterone start taking 40mg every day for two weeks, then drop it down to 20mg every day for two more weeks.


yeah not gonna lie i did a bit off research but not much, know people who did it and i guess i didn’t get enough info lol

but alright ill get some nolvadex thanks for the info

What dose are you taking of the Dbol? How much of Test? And why didn’t you start both at the same time?

500MG/ week test
and 25mg/ day dbol
and no i didnt start them at the same time