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Will TDawg Diet work for me?

Firstly T-MAg rocks
The style is awesome!
Anyway i’ve read the diet manifesto and tdawg2 diet and i’m bvery intrigued to try. I’ve been trying a low carb diet for the past few months now and my body’s definately firming up but my performance is a bit lack lustre so I’m thinking of going for TDawg but (and here’s why i’m asking whether this diet is for me)
I’m not a body builder and I dont really wanna gain mass. I am a boxer and use weight training once or twice a week to supplement my heavy boxing and cardio routines so will it work for me or are keto diets out of the question? I mean i’ve tried high carb diets and body for life diets but nothing gets me to my goals of being ripped whilst having good performance in the gym.
im about 13% bf now but i wanna half that.
anyone out there that can give me advice and help me build a plan?



You’re an athlete, and you need to eat like one. The T-dawg Diet and other extremely low-carb diets will not suffice.

Check my response to a post made by “Tuesday” about proper diet for an athlete. i.e. Go to the Forum Search and look up the author Tuesday to find the post and the responses.

The T-dawg 2.0 is not that extreme. It’s not even a keto diet really. Poliquin puts his athletes on something similiar. I suggest you give it shot and see what happens. Then you can adjust from there, add more carbs as needed etc.

I agree with TEK. Match the diet to the individual, not the sport. Provided that mid/post training nutrition is appropriate in terms of carb intake, I don’t see anything wrong with athletes being on low carbs throughout the rest of the day, especially if body fat reduction is the goal. Poliquin has definitely proven this to be the case.

Hi, there, Dark Assassin. On the one hand boxing is a high-performance athletic sport that requires carbs for energy. On the other hand, it’s difficult (or a bit more challenging, anyway) to lose weight on a carb dominant diet.

What might save the day for you is the judicious use of carb refeeds. Where T-Dawg 2 recommends 1 per week, I’d do a carb refeed every time I noticed my performance suffering in the gym. That could be as often as every third day. That way you could get the fat burning benefits of low-carb dieting, but the performance enhancing benefits of carbs.

Before you go the low carb and carb refeed route, do what Nate Dog suggested and read his response to Tuesday. That just may do the trick for you. If not, it might be worth experimenting.

This forum rocks… this advice is the best i’ve recieved on the topic thanks guys!

I’ve read nate’s response and i’m gonna give tdawg 2 a try. i’m gonna concentrate carbs at breakfast and around workouts. other meals will have lots of veggies anyway but no grains or stuff especially pasta as i dont seem to digest it well

I’ll let you guys know how i get on. I start my intense training soon for my next fight so hopefully this will help :slight_smile: