Will Taking Vitamin D Really Increase Testosterone?

As i posted the other day, my levels are low normal, including my vitamin D

Testosterone, total 389 ng/dl (range 264-916)
%Free 2.2% (1.5-3.2)
Testosterone, Free 86 pg/ml (52-280)
Estradiol <5 pg/mL (7.6-42.6)
Prolactin 12.4 (4-15.2)
Vitamin D 25.9 (30-100)

Took some Thorne Vitamin D 5000iu today and feel a bit worse (foggy). Will give it a couple days though to see if that calms down and is not just an anxiety reaction but i tend to be very sensitive to supplements. don’t want to go down the process of adding magnesium and k2 to work with the vitamin D as i have gone through enough chemistry projects before.

Is 25 vitamin D level even that low where my testosterone/estrogen can be helped? it is technically an inefficiency and not a deficiency. i have been told that Vitamin D is really only low when down in the 10s.

my endocrinologist was ready to prescribe Clomid or Testosterone if he could (he works in hospital setting so said i’d have to go to a clinic for testosterone but gave a wink wink approval of it) but i pushed for the Vitamin D first. Thanks.

The vitamin D might help a little, but won’t get you out of your situation.

You took too much vitamin D, be careful vitamin D supplements can deplete vitamin K and this can present with additional symptoms, fogginess being one of them.

so what should i take for vitamin D? should i take one with k2? how much?

I would try taking 2000 IU vitamin D and 100 mcg vitamin K. Also vitamin D to become active needs magnesium, so be sure this is not low, otherwise the vitamin D will be stored by the body and not able to be utilized.

Magnesium 200-400 mg.