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Will T2 keep me from sleeping?

I know we shouldn’t take MD6 after 4 P.M. or so, but does the same go for T2 (old version). I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately and I’d really hate to have one more thing working against me in that regard. So, would taking a capsule around 6 or 7 hurt my chances of falling asleep at a reasonable hour?

They said it had a mild stimulant effect, but I never noticed it. I slept fine on it, taking the last pill at 7-8 at night. Don’t take the new MD6 that late though unless you’re going clubbing!

I’ve noticed that ever since I started taking the T2pro, I’ve been having trouble falling asleep. It’s not that bad of a problem, but it’s noticeable.

T2-pro is not a stimulant.