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Will T2 help me lose weight?

I am 19 5’11 250lbs. I have a big frame and alot of muscle but i need to lose alot of fat too. I now take Tribex , ZMA , Protein poweder and a multi vitamine. I am wondering if i stick with my weightlifting program and take the ne T2 will this product help me lose weight or is this a product for people who are alrady lean? Anyones comments will help. Thank you.

Three scenarios here. 1) Let’s assume you’ve maintained this weight for a while now, meaning your diet and activity level have been about the same for a certain time. If you’re consistent with this, then yes, you should expect to drop some fat with the addition of T2. 2) You use T2 and make some positive adjustments to your diet i.e. drop cals a little, get rid of a few “bad” carbs, etc. Then you’d lose weight, of course, but with T2 the fat loss would be faster than without. 3) You take T2 and begin eating a really bad diet and up your daily caloric intake significantly. In that case, then you could gain weight, despite T2, although this gain may be slower than normal.

So, the answer is, yes, you will lose weight, but only if you get your diet in order, too, or at least maintain your current level of food intake and activity.

As for lean people getting leaner, sure, T2 would work for them too. That’s how the already lean fitness models can get unnaturally lean (veins on their bellies): through the use of thyroid meds and other stuff. T2 should work the same way, although in a much safer manner.

To me, T2 is THE “plateau buster” when it comes to stalled diets.