Will Start to Cut in 6 Weeks!

well its almost summer here in oz,so i decided i better get rid of some lard.Im still going for size,but decided to start cutting at new years.im 37,180cms,90kgs,and im guessing around 16%bf.training for 20 something yrs,but do alot of stuff besides lifting as well.

You are going to be frickin ripped when you start cutting man. But I bet you already know that. I gave you a 5 until you cut. Nice job

You’re obviously squatting. Great leg definition, even from that distant-shadowed pic. But, judging by your traps, I’d guess you don’t deadlift. Looking solid for 37, but you’ll look great after a cut! What does your training look like? Do you have your plan layed out for your cutting phase?

Great job at 37. I rated you a 6. Once you cut, you’ll probably be a 7 or 8. I’m not sure why your rating is currently a 4, but you have a very solid foundation. I agree with the deadlifting suggestion as well. You could have some really solid traps.

I gave you a 6. You are one big dude, and I’m sure you will look great after your cut. What are your lifts like?

yeh my traps are pretty non existant i guess,but to be honest im not a fan of big traps and dont train them directly.i do more bb rows and chins than deadlift,but i have done them in the past.i have no idea what i can do for a single,never train that heavy,but do squats with 150 for 10,db shoulder press with 35s for 8 and bb curls with 68 for round 8-10.(kgs that is)also do step ups onto a bench with 110kgs,i like doing alot of unilateral training,keeps my strength balanced for martial arts.

Those are rather disturbing shorts.

haha hteire muai thai boxing horts,only rolled em up so my quads were visible,they come down to the knees usually!

Pretty solid build man, that back shot shows some nice width.

can’t wait to see end of cut.

Wow. That’s freaky close to what I look at in the mirror everyday. Looks like you have better arm development than I do, and I’m 183cm and about 96 kilos.

p.s. I’m probably a little chunkier right now too.lol

Should be a beast when you cut down… I’ll reserve my vote until then.