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Will Roy Moore Be Taken Down?

Hard to argue against an increasing list of accusers. But without some form of ‘cross examination’, it is difficult to tell if this is true or hatchet job.

Sessions being floated as write-in.

Your thoughts?

This is a big, dangerous trap!

Many (Republican) Politicians will be on record saying Moore is unfit to serve. There will be lots of pressure from media/internet and Moore will cave and drop out. Then women are going to start coming out of the woodwork, accusing many politicians. Dudes who went on the record, against Moore will be hit hardest, called Hypocrite! and forced out of politics.

Many heads will roll!

What is really telling and quite sad is that you have voters in Alabama who say they will vote for him even if the accusations are true. I don’t get this love for Moore as he seems like just another one of those Bible thumping overcompensating wanna be John Waynes. Do people really fall for that shtick?

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People in their 30’s who try and date teens shouldn’t be a representative of our Nation in any capacity.

If that is true, dude should walk away.

If the RNC asked for a delay in election to find a suitable replacement and the DNC agreed, I’d feel much better about the situation. If the DNC argued against that, I’d instantly believe this was 100% made up garbage.


Why should the DNC compromise? The Republicans made their choice, and anyone could see (well, anyone outside of Alabama could see) that Moore was a buffoon, at best, and mentally unstable, at worst. They were fine with a clown until the world found out he was a creep (it was OK when that knowledge was limited to Alabama). Why should they get a do-over?

I’m not from Alabama so I don’t know how they feel about overly religious gun flashing weirdos like Moore. Maybe they see that as heroic or classy or whatever. I see it as embarrassing and if Alabama doesn’t then that’s fine with me but this clown may be going to DC in which case he will be bringing his circus act buffoonery into national politics. That affects me. I have no sympathy for the GOP in this matter. They made their choice now live with it. They expected the rest of the country to do that before this crap all came out.

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Personally, I can vote for a clown, shit I voted for Johnson. I can justify a clown, look at Biden, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders etc… Everyone can get behind a clown.

Someone who dates teens in their 30s? It’s different, and if that was known prior… People may very well have chosen differently.

Because no one should want him having the possibility to win that seat (assuming allegations are true).

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You mean no one outside of Alabama.

And this guy takes being a clown to the extreme. It’s one thing to consider someone with a different political viewpoint a clown, I think that’s simplistic reasoning, but this guy is a clown for reasons beyond ideology.

Yes but none of the stuff you’ve listed as reasons to not vote for him are comparable to the implications these allegations make.

I would hope that people in Alabama would agree that someone who wants to date 14 year olds as a 30 year shouldn’t be their representative.

That’s true but I think that someone who behaves the way he does in public and who holds his beliefs on homosexuality and other moral issues is probably the same kind of person who would try and date minors as a 30+ year old. I see someone like him and I wonder what they’re overcompensating for.

I wouldn’t hold on to that hope. Tribalism is a hell of a drug.

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The polls are still showing a lot of support. I’m with you, I hope that people will not support him, but I have a feeling voters will hold their nose and vote for whoever has an R next to his name.

Basically this.

I mean, I agree he should probably lose without these allegations, and he wouldn’t be on my short list of choices.

I just get the whole “how can you vote for a clown?” thing. As in, I get how people can swallow that pill.

This is depressing…

How many people did reporters have to ask to find those Moore supporters?

Are there many, many in Alabama who “forgive” Moore, or did the newsmen sift through and cherry pick to make Alabama residents look backward?

Is the media is trying (edit: taking the opportunity) to make the South look bad, again?

I think Moore did that.

1 guy represents everybody! Totally fair and reasonable approach!


We need to talk about the segment of American culture that probably doesn’t think the allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore are particularly damning, the segment that will blanch at only two accusations in the Washington Post expose: He pursued a 14-year-old-girl without first getting her parents’ permission, and he initiated sexual contact outside of marriage. That segment is evangelicalism. In that world, which Moore travels in and I grew up in, 14-year-old girls courting adult men isn’t uncommon.

Also, this:

That’s how politics works.

Anyway, how is reporting about a candidate’s creepy, immoral and possibly illegal behavior trying to make anyone but the candidate bad? Now, if Alabama elects him regardless…

I believe their logic is, “it’s not like they were 12.”

Alright, I’m not saying This Is What Happened, but;

News dude goes around and asks 100 Alabama people what they think about Moore. 96 of them are reasonable, literate and aren’t down with preying on children. 4 support Moore, and don’t seem too upset about chasing young girls. Newsbro puts those 4 people on TV, making it seem like Alabama is super weird.

Damn near impossible for me not to get emotional and all SJW about the topic you’re putting up here.

But I really don’t give a shit what anyone says… A 14 year old isn’t emotional mature enough to make those choices, and it’s extremely FUBAR that anyone could or will justify it.

14 & 16? Sure. Still ripe for significant issues, but not horrid on it’s face, and it’s going to happen.

14 & 19? That 19 year old is bordering on some seriously delinquent behavior, however mental & emotional developmental timelines differ, and they could be relatively the same level of maturity.

14 & 30? That 30 year old has issues. Plane and fucking simple.