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Will Ronnie's Waist Shrink?


Im curious,after seeing some pics of ronnie coleman from the late 90's,his waist was pretty bloody small.Now obviously he's got way bigger all over,especially his gut,im wondering if he goes off the gear will his waist shrink back down or has the Gh permanantly enlarged his viscera?


Can you show us those 90's pictures?


here you go.


I was a fan of his before he broke the top 5 at the olympia. I liked how he split his back w/o up.

I think he'll lose some of that gut. Part of its from all the food he eats and part of it's from peptide use (HGH IGF-1).


His waist will come down. He's still going to be a large American if he wants to despite what some of the naysayers want to believe about AAS and the like.


Looks kind of like Phil Heath there.


its difficult to tell but mostly he will appear to maintain the big gut since his arms, chest and back will decrease even more.

Check any photos from former Olympias or old-timers and even with loose shirts it is evident that all have guts.

As a matter of fact every old man will have a gut unless you starve and become a stick-boy (a la japanese).


This old man is doing a pretty good job so far... :wink:


pretty asthetic at this point


He may stop competing, but it doesn't mean he'll stop bodybuilding. If continues, we still don't know whethere he'll be off the juice or not.


Well, aside from the GH and insane food consumption, I'm certain his abs and oblique muscles grew quite a bit over the years, so as everything will atrophy to some degree, they should as well. How much remains to be seen. Dorian looks tiny in recent pictures, but, he's probably still bigger than a lot of dudes you see in your gym.



Dorian's website says he is still around 250 lbs, and he doesnt look very out of shape from this picture, dated in 2007.


People who have seen him recently said he was at least 230 so that's not out of the question. The guy was the man for 6 years in pro bodybuilding and doesn't have anything to prove anymore(except to interwebz peeps I guess haha). There is a great post on another site that I wanted to put up here and this is as good a thread as any. It's in reference to being HUGE and the reality that comes with it. Dorian was there and obviously didn't want to stay there. Ronnie is there and likely won't stay up there. I kept the last part in just because I think it's funny as hell Dante of DC fame:

it might sound all good and dandy but do you know how 300lbs feels? pretty unbearable at times. I feel good at 275 to about 285. When i get in the 290's and near 300 I feel like shit. It looks large in a picture, it looks good on paper but to be honest with you, you breath like a locomotive and just going to the mailbox feels like cardio sometimes. I see alot of you guys on this thread saying you want to be 300lbs. Your blood pressure might not allow that at all and thats a big problem in the equation that 200lb bodybuilders with normal blood pressure dont think about. Put 100lbs on you and do you think its still going to be 120 over 72?

When you start lifting you try to wear things that make you look bigger because you want to look like a bodybuilder, but when you get up around 3 bills you strive to find any shirt that is loose because it sucks like hell to have things binding and tight all day long. How many 300lb bodybuilders do you see walking around "trying to look big" like the 207lb guys do. Besides that at 300 you sweat like a pig and have to change shirts 2-3 times a day. Ever see stylish clothes that are 2xxl to 5xxxxxl? Far and few between. A long walk like thru a fair or a mall or a amusement park? Forget about it, your feet start aching and your back starts aching and you look for the next something to sit down on.

Its a very tough decision to make and unfortunately this sport has made it so that you need to be ultra large to be competitive. A pro 6 footer in the 70's competed at 210 to 235lbs. In the 80's it was 220 to 245lbs like Berry Demey and company. Today? You have to be 250 to 290lbs onstage if your 6 feet tall and a pro....and as a 6 foot amateur christ you have to be 220 to 250 and thats at state level shows. At every plateau I got to from 137 to 152 to 175 to 196 to 212 to 222 to 238 (got stuck there for a while) to 256 to 268 to 283 all the way up my body always caught up to the weight gain and would normalize.

But at 300 i sleep like crap (snoring, loud breathing), you dont feel agile at all, for me at least it just feels "out of sorts".....the last couple years Ive found myself not going the extra mile to get incredibly larger because I truly dont think I want too. To be a pro nowadays you have to look like your a bodybuilder even before you start lifting or if not then after 6 months to a year you are an incredible bodybuilder due to your elite genetics---Im not going pro I dont have those kind of genetic gifts and I dont know if I want to push the envelope to go after something Im never going to achieve anyway.

For me personally Ive found myself still trying to gain muscle mass but nowhere near the eating effort I used to put in at the table. I still eat 6 meals a day every single day and my protein is sky high because i always want to be in muscle accumalation mode but Ive seriously forgone the life and death of the weight scale at this time. Oh one last thing--make sure you have an incredible wife or girlfreind because if you think your going to be picking up chicks at 300lbs Im sorry but its not happening (unless you think picking up a stripper who has that dysfunctional "i need a protector" syndrome going on is somehow a trophy).....I'd put my "chicks pulled" resume up against anyones on any board (Bob Chick included) but the majority of girls Ive landed where done in the 230 to 265lb range.

At 270lb plus and especially now at 290 or so and looking like "Johnny Come Bloatly", no girls look my way -- I couldnt pull a blind hooker on sunset blvd with 5000 cash in my pocket


here's one of my favorite Ronnie pictures from his early years


Woah, great picture!


LMFAO!!! I didn't even recognize him until I read your post. lol


Any idea what his weight was around then? Also, what year was that?


He was around 240 when he got his pro card I believe.


To me that looks WAY better than when he got super huge.


He's got a waist like Sergio's in that picture!

Well now we know what Sergio would have looked like if he disregarded symmetry and just went after size...a lot like Ronnie.