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Will Prince of Persia Be the New Fight Club?


Check out #7.


I'm pretty sure he's not up to "our" standards here on T-Nation. i think some people all a guy huge if his biceps make some sort of curve during their pathetic arc from shoulder to elbow.

How tall is he? That would make him seem a bit bigger I guess.

His sister's face looks like a chinless bowl of oatmeal with little pig eyes. I was so happy The Joker killed her.


That article made me weep.


They called him 'huge' 3 times. Once in caps. And once in italics.

Really? People are confused.


Why is everyone still shocked when they see this in the media? Haven't we all learned that huge to "us" is a lot different than it is to everyone else?


Ice burn. Spot fucking on.


It's going to be lame. They should have used that Damien Walters parkour guy.


This movie looks awesome, but I hate Jake Gyllenhaal so much. He should stick to being a gay cowboy.


That's one of the most accurate descriptions I've ever heard. You should describe peoples physical appearance for a living.


Looks like a shit film.



That article is just sad.


Shit, I hoped it would actually be a new Fight Club, 'cause Fight Club is an awesome movie.


It's moments like this that ensure me I'm not the only sane person in the world

Well said Nards,


Yeah, you can't go by guys on the internet ( maybe not here, but on other, shall I say 'geekier' forums) where they seem to get crushes on celebrities they see as "obtainable". It's like they aim low.
I've never been the kind to fantasize about celebrities. I go nutty for coworkers. Oh man I should post some pics of my coworkers! Waitaminute!




I don't think she'll mind. If you ever meet her don't tell her I put this photo up.


Is she some sort of giant asian?


Impressive, I see what you mean.


Ok, one more I'll share, the left one is my coworker from above.


This, my wife gets mad at me cause everytime we watch Dark knight I am making comments about this chick. It looks like her face is slowly melting or it is Tommy Lee Jones in drag.