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Will Phytoestrogens Lower E2?


I heard the isoflavons lignans and other phytoestrogens will take up receptor spots that E2 would fill . But I imagine they may fill up the spots T uses as well . Any thoughts ?


Many will argue that you should not use phytoestrogens to address a need to reduce E2 effects; manage E2 directly.


Yes KSman I know what you are saying and I greatly appreciate your input and totally agree with just about all you say ( I am sceptical on the iodine loading technique , but not sure if that was you or another author ) - the BEST WAY to control estrogen is use a rx AI to bring estrodiol down . But as I explained to you I don't have a legal or safe way to get the drugs . So I am exploring other means to solve a problem . During the search I have developed some questions on alternate ways to combat estrogen .