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Will People STOP with the HIIT for Fat Loss!


I recently went to see my coach for a 2 hour session dedicated to advanced fat loss protocols. He trained 4 x Mr Universe, Charles Clairemont, amongst many other competitive bodybuilders, many of which are natural. Attached image is one of his recent clients.

While I was waiting for my consultation, he had two clients with him who both had that look of 'competitive physique' about them even though they were covered in thick clothing. Few minutes later he shouts me over and introduces me to one of them, a female physique competitor with a shit load of competitions wins, great britain, world, europe etc.

He points to me and says "This guy here keeps reading shit on the internet about high intensity training. How much high intensity have you done?" and she smiled and said "err.. what's high intensity?". Then he showed me a pic of her on stage with like 6% body fat.

So, let's just throw it out. Who gets ripped, and i mean RIPPED on HIIT and who sticks to steady stage 60% VO2 max training?

Suggest pics and any scientific (real) reasoning. Not just "oh, well, HIIT makes your metabolism... better."


Uh.... diet for fat loss

HIIT (of sorts) for conditioning

Steady state for general health

Did I win?


If it's a kind of joke then... maybe? Otherwise I'd have to ask if you'd been getting your training advice from a leaflet on pre-natal yoga classes.


Has it already been 9 days since the last time this was asked?


I can't see any recent threads saying this. I just want to know if anyone is using HIIT to get lean is all but like i say, sub 8% levels.


I think Stu has had some pretty good success with HIIT, but that's just my opinion. Of course he says that he does slow state cardio as well around 4 or 6 weeks out too.


I do intervals for fat loss, and have done pretty well in contests so far :slight_smile:



It sounds like you've already got your mind made up. If you don't want to do HIIT, noone is going to force you. Like you've mentioned, there are people that get very lean without it

There's more than 1 way to do things but (it should be) obvious that HIIT has its uses. I'm not sure - is your argument that HIIT doesn't work for fat loss?

Does everyone do it? No. Will anyone be doing when they are very far into a diet and feel exhausted? Probably not. And bodybuilders usually aren't lifting 100% maxes right before a contest either, but it would be silly to say that lifting those maxes were worthless or made no contribution to their final result


No. Diet is the best thing for fat loss (baring the last few stubborn percent for a comp)

HIIT is great for conditioning work for sports and powerlifting and such. (hill sprints, prowler, sled drags)

SS cardio is the best for you guessed it, cardiovascular health.


why can't they both work? just because his athletes have success without HIIT doesn't mean it's no good. i don't see sprinters having any trouble staying ripped and muscular. the problem is most of the big guys like cutler and kai green are just too damn big to be out there running 40 yard dashes to get lean.


Dude, high intensity training HIT is different from high intensity interval training HIIT. HIT is some kind of total body training started by Arthur Jones.


I know pushing 6% is a whole different ball game, but in my experience when I dropped from 20% to 9% BF this summer I did zero HIIT and zero steady state. it was all dumbbells, barbells, blood, sweat, and tears...oh and diet.


I never knew getting lean was so black and white...


For the people trying to get to CONTEST shape? dont know

For 99.9% of the population who would look very good at say 10% (a true 10%), works great.

if your not competing, why would you care what mr universe did to get from 5.73534% to 3.5790%


walk on a treadmill...

3.6 mph ....thats the speed the pros use...you can thank me later...


Once again they both fucking work.

Do the one that you can actually stick to, or do both. Doesnt matter.



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I think from personal experience, atleast, that HIIT is great for fat loss period. But then, once you get to a certain point, and if your ultimate goal is perserving as much muscle, once you get under 10% (just an approx., once your LEAN), then HIIT can compromise your muscle mass. Which is why I think steady state then does have its purpose. I think in a quick nutshell, the article posted earlier this week was right, "best cardio.." b/c once you get to a level of extreme leanness, our bodies want to hold on to fat etc.. etc.. (i know, nothing that everybody else already doesnt know). I'm one week out of a competition and all i do is walk 30 minutes, i've cut my HIIT out at about the 4 week mark.. That was just me. But i love HIIT, gotta love it! but it has its time and place


really??? What is this...elementary school? Have you ever heard of a figure of speech? Oh, and by your standards I guess Dave Tate's gay, too?

"I cannot tell you how I trained or the weight I used, but I can tell you I worked so hard that I had tears streaming down my face. This was not crying, but they were tears of rage, fear and finally â?? tears of happiness."