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Will People Notice?


During a first cycle, have people (e.g. co-workers, neighbors, church officials, etc) generally noticed that you're on steroids? If so, what do you tell them? How much of a problem has this been in your experience?

My only concern is co-workers, because of nature of my workplace. For me, at least, the rest of my acquaintances can deal with it. But I'd be interested in whatever experience you feel like sharing.


tell them creatine is a hell of a supplement


ppl noticed that i'm bigger.
But this was not a problema at all. I live in a country where is not a problem look bigger.


Fucking Hilarious!

Cocaine's a helluva drug.

I'm Rick James, BITCH!


Tellem the Dr changed your thyroid medication. And its causing you to bloat and gain weight.

Yeah yeah thats the ticket. And my wife is Morgan Farechild. Yeah Yeah thats the ticket.



I got asked that alot on my first cycle. It was a mild cycle that got me up about 20 lbs in 2 months. I told everyone I was eating a lot more and that caused some weight gain. It was the truth, kinda. :wink:


Tell 'em about P90X! (j/k)

Since you must have increased your protein, attribute it to that. "I doubled my protein and WOW!!"

You're not lying, just keeping your mouth shut, like we all should do.


Unless you're taking drol or something that will blow you up like ten pounds the first week I think you'll be okay. I've told people I'm trying to gain some weight so I'm eating a ton of food and working out more, and they wouldn't know the difference. Most people are completely ignorant. Saying you are doing the above and taking creatine is a good one too, as it will add water weight. Tell them the supplement makes you gain like five pounds of water weight in the first week. That should explain the puffy face and bloated muscular look you may get.


I haven't had a lot of people question me yet (i'm on my first cycle) but i tell my gf that i just take a lot of new supplements and more than whats recommended.


If you don't walk around in a tank top all the time it should be fairly easy to fly under the radar. Bulking when the weather is cooler obviously helps in this regard. How noticeable your gains are also has a lot to do with your height. I'm up 14lbs in the last four weeks, but at nearly 6'3", the only comment I've gotten is "You're lookin' a little thicker these days", and that was from my girlfriend.

Now I have a buddy who's 5'6" on his tippy toes on cycle right now, and the 11lbs he's put on are pretty damn noticeable. He also likes to hit the gym in those spaghetti strap tank tops, so he's cursed with being short and having terrible taste.


memories... first cycle, test and too much eq, little dbol for kicks. yea I puffed the fuck up. gained an unbelievable amount of weight. good times

co-workers asked me just about every day

visiting the family for Christmas that year was fantastic

obviously it depends on what you take and what dosage, people your consistently around will notice, and they will be curious

as stated above, just give em the 6,000 calorie/ heavy lifting, lotsa sleep bullshit

or just tell em your juicin. gotta love the response with that one


I have found that humor and hiding in plain site help. Make a joke about having a bowl of steroids every morning for breakfast. Most people who would be asking if you're on won't probably know a thing about how they work anyway.

Another thing to do could be to play it off as you workout program "finally kicking in".
You would be surprised at how people may be curious, but don't really want to belive that someone they "know" would use such a "terrible drug".
Use the power of denial to your benefit, just my 2cc.


well, I've never taken steroids (and if I ever do, it won't be for another few years...too young now), but I know people who have. they developed horrible acne and blew the fuck up in a matter of a week or so. be careful. but, honestly, I'd be like, "yeah, it must be the steroids" and laugh a little. they wouldn't know the difference, and if they said, "really!?" just reply "no, give me a break"

if you have a girlfriend...well, that's a totally different story


no one noticed on the first cycle, except some of the work out partners........and recovery times..... not alot of puff.


If you don't have acne just go with, "I've been trying to really focus on working out and eating", if you get acne just blame it on some damn "testosterone supplament" that "worked, but gave me these fucking zits" then swear, "I'll never try that stuff again". To most people supplaments are benign and steroids are the devil.


i say it depends on how you show yourself to, let them see you bigger over more time. Therefore dont dress in shorts when your all pumped and the test is going thru you like a race horse.


Just say the acne is probably from eating more fat to get the calories you need. It make sense to most people.


What Schwarzenegger said is what I usually respond with, along with explaining that my bigger appearence is "mostly fat, I've been eating a ton lately." This explanation, I reserve for people who I actually care for.

Friends and acquaitances simply get the "Why do you care?" remark.


My first cycle consisted of test susp. and winstrol. I gained about 14 lbs and went down 2 pant sizes. I just told everyone, in a smart ass way, the truth that i was taking roids. I didn't have to lie but everyone thought i was.


you could tell them your taking 4 AD.

It might help to carry around a protein shake too.