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Will One Cycle of D-bols Effect my Natural Test Production?


Im 19 and i don't know much about d-bols/steroids besides seeing my friends take it and have insane results.

i was thinking of taking a 3-6 week cycle just to test the waters with it.

But my major concern is that i wont have libido or be able to get an erection a few years later.

pretty much to sum up what i was looking to be answered is will a 3-6 week cycle screw up my hormones and etc?


ANY CYCLE of steroids will suppress your HPTA function to the point that you will have zero natural test when you come off. your friends will probably lose most of those "insane results" unless they use proper therapy after....which i doubt... you are better off with attempting to log your calories, at 19 you will grow like a weed


Yes they will mess up your hormones.

you are taking hormones, no mater what amount or duration you are playing with your hormones.
best thing to do is research and do things right the first time.


Even for just 3 weeks it will mess it up permitnetly ?


its possible,yes
theres so many variables here just eat right and wait till mid to late 20s,spend that time reading all you can about steroids and the usage and you will be cool by then.


I dont get it

so even if you use PCT (whatever exactly it does or is, heh, I just know it means post cycle therapy), your first cycle is permanently gonna shut down your natural testosterone? even after you are off? And you will never be able to make natural gains again? what else will happen?

thats fucked up brah


It's also not the case for anything done reasonably correctly.


ok, its not that it will permantly shut you down, and you will never make natural gains again.

at 19 your endo system is fragile yet, and if the op is asking the questions he is then he obviously have not thought through a proper cycle or pct.

like anything there is responsible use and then there is jumping in too fast because your impatient and trying to get huge.

yes dbol can be taken responsibly, hell,I am about to walk in and take my evening dose right after this post.

the point is proper research needs to be done because it is very possible to muck yourself up.
right now is not the time for the op and thats my point.


Besides even with a well thought out cycle, perfect training, great nutrition, and a proper SERM PCT... none of which you have.

A short cycle of dbol is going to yield few if any lasting results.

Dbol simply has difficulty producing lasing gains, you generally need both a type 1 and 2 androgen to see good results (test fulfills both requirements)

Dbol only fulfills one.

Take it by itself generally yeilds temporary pump and rapid strength increases, but these disappear as soon as the androgen clears your system.

Bottle line, even if you do EVERYTHING right, dbol will not produce substantial lasting gains simply because of the androgen type.

You might gain 10-15 pounds in 6 weeks but your going to lose all but maybe 5 when you come off, assuming you do it properly.

Risking gyno and permanent test production impairment for 5 pounds that you could make easily with a quality program and some deadlifts in about the same amount of time is just absurd.

My recommendation is wait about 2 years, I know what its like to have had the juice in my hand and know I cant inject it.

I had access to the stuff at 18, like a candy store.

Ive been there, you will not regret waiting.