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Will Not Drinking Much Water Cause Weight Loss

wondering if i dont drink enough water daily(like 2-3 cups) will that cause a lower weight,as in my usual weight(not the increase that happens right after drinmking a bunch)

yes but it is water weight, unless you need to make weight for a comp (in which case you probably would not be asking) don’t do that

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Why tho? What are you hoping to achieve?

Pretty much only reason/goal that dehydrating yourself would be appropriate for… other than like slow painful death

Being dehydrated is what you’re talking about.

It is not good.


Ya you wont lose any fat weight or anything lol but you will lose water weight…You’ll just get dehydrated and get sick.2-3 cups is stupid and will affect everything from your gym training, recovery, health etc.

Dehydration does have its benefits: water itself tastes absolutely amazing & fruit tastes incredible. Dehydrate yourself considerably, then eat like 4-5 cold grapefruit and perhaps some cold coconut water. Bliss.


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To be honest, I’m probably mildly dehydrated myself lol

Dude, it’s one thing if you wanna troll on your own posts, but don’t start coming on to other people’s topics and start saying stupid shit. Intentionally dehydrating yourself to make fruit taste better is the most retarded thing I’ve heard today. @Chris_Colucci please drop the ban hammer on this guy already

I was actually being completely serious you halfwit. People already answered his question, then others mentioned dehydration. I added that there is a benefit to dehydration, it makes sugar & water taste absolutely incredible. I personally love losing ~10+ lb of water weight on a long run in the heat, and coming in and destroying a ton of grape fruit and coconut water.

That bother you?

You seem to have a fascination with me, and love to “tattle tale” like a “little rat snitch”, even though what you’re doing isn’t even snitching since I made a serious post - albeit a tangent & a personal vice of mine. You also loved to come into my thread and dirty it up with your garbage posts, like you are doing right now in this thread.

There’s absolutely no reason for you to have initially replied to me, other than to cause trouble.

I mean seriously though, you’re weak and are nowhere near humongous. Even your t-nation handle is a “troll”.

“please drop the ban hammer” … what a joke.

Go away.

Final edit: I fully expect @lord_humongous to reply and spazz out, but don’t expect another reply from me. He’s already triggered thread derailment, which I won’t participate in any further. I debated even posting this reply, but decided to post it because of the little snitch beta-male ban request, which the forum is now witness to. Moving on…

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Phew… if trolls are getting picked up and executed by ban hammer I’m probably second or third on the list.

Really should get a trolling permit soon.

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@Yogi1 needs a permit too

lol don’t flatter yourself man. You don’t fascinate me. You annoy me, just like you annoy everyone else that reads your dumbass shit. Like I said in your thread, it’s played out. It was funny five years ago, but now it’s just plain irritating. There’s no way you’re being “serious”. The shit you post would have people with downs laughing at you. If you want to embarrass yourself on your own dumb ass, five year old thread be my guest. But don’t start polluting the entire forums with retardedness.

PS my handle is the wrestling name of my old HS football coach who was a legendary local wrestler in the 80s and a D1 S&C coach. He just coached us cuz his son was on the team. I’ve never once claimed to be strong or muscular.

@khangles youre good man. Throwing out the occasional troll joke is fine, cuz I’ve seen some of your stuff and you try to help people with good advice. This guys been an ulcer for half a decade now and hasn’t contributed anything of value here

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Yogis had his permit since we were in diapers

Edit: sorry I’m so cranky and derailing the thread. I blame the low carbs and dealing with stupid shit on the ambulance all day. I come here to get away from the stupid lol


You may be fine as you might get enough hydration from your food - especially if you eat lots of soups, cereal w/milk and moist foods (e.g watermelon).

The most likely situation is you’ll be dehydrated and this will have the opposite effect to what you intend (your body typically responds by trying to protect itself from dying when you do stupid shit like take away what it needs to survive)

Wow, i wonder why lord humongous called you out for the dehydration advice you gave… couldnt possibly understand why hed do such a thing. Just looking at that thread of yours i linked, where you even stated you could enter a physique contest?, yet you have no upper body muscle and you dont have any plans to gain any upper body mass either. Due to the impact on your jumping or whatever.
If you were to enter a physique contest you would be the laughing stock of the century.


That is mens physique


This is you lmao.

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Duke! I thought we were bros…

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This thread be like:




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