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Will My Lower Belly Flab Go Away?

Alright so quick insight.
I was obese at 93kg 5’9 and I dropped to 62kg 6’0 within 7 months(i cut too much lol)
And then I again bulked up to 67kg and I still am clean bulking(3000 calories) up to 75-80Kg.
But my lower belly is showing no signs of change and ITS VERY SOFT AND JIGGLY. WILL IT GO AWAY?

Are you saying your original cut involves growing 3 inches? How old are you?

If you’re currently “bulking” I wouldn’t expect to be losing the last bit of fat from the area that’s notorious for being the last place to lose fat.

What’s your lifting and conditioning like? That’ll play a role.

It’s possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, especially if you’re a young beginner (I’m kinda assuming you are). It’ll just take time. If you’re otherwise fine with your progress then just keep doing it, and make sure your training AND recovery are on point, and you’ll get there. Pick your goals though. Prioritize what’s important. If you really want to “bulk” and get big, washboard abs may not be coming very soon.

If you grew 3" in 7 months, and you’re sitting in the neighborhood of 70 Kg, you’re a growing teenager and the word ‘cut’ should not be in your vocabulary. Heck, at 6’ and under 70 Kg it shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.


Can you check the edit. I have uploaded pics. They took down my previous links

I’m 18. I’ve matured late

Okay, so if you’re 6’, 67 kg, working up to 80 kg, it looks like you’re trying to go the right direction. Next line of questioning: What does that 3000 Kcal/day diet look like? Macros? What sorts of food? What about training? What are you doing every day, every week? Finally, what are your goals, precisely?

You should take a better picture. Full frontal, shirt off, relaxed. You look like you may be sucking in your stomach, and even if you’re not, it’s a bad angle and doesn’t show everything.

That being said, I feel like I should add that I really don’t care if you do or not. I have zero desire to see more of your body, but for future reference, when you’re asking opinions about your body, actually show it.

Like Steve said…give wayyy more details about everything.

Don’t sweat it. Of course it will go away, people severely underestimate how lean you’ll have to be to have visible lower abs. You’ve got about 10lbs to go guesstimating from your pic. Even with your top 4 abs visible, bottom abs are like 5-6%BF.

Can you please check the pic again? I have updated it

I wanna get a classic physique. A lean and shredded body. I do only resistance training. Zero cardio.
Macros I think 296gm carbs
225gmprotein 56gm fat.

Step in the right direction, but you’re doling out tiny scraps of info when people ask for details, which is frustrating to the people you’re trying to get to help you.

Macros, you answer ‘I think’ but then give a very precise set of numbers. Is that 1 day that you measured and logged? Is it a typical day or just one you did the math on? Or did you pull the numbers out of your ass? Was the carbs 296g of fruity pebbles? Are you going to make people do the math to see how many calories you ate?

Classic physique is a real goal, that’s good. ‘Only resistance training’ means jack-all, though. Are you doing free weights? Machines? Bodyweight? Resistance bands? An established program or are you doing a whole lot of benches and curls? What do your lift numbers look like?

As far as the picture goes, that one is more useful. From looking at the stretch marks and your belly from this angle, I’d say your issue right now is to a large extent loose skin from your growth spurt and weight loss. At your age, most of that should fade and pull in as you continue to work and diet.

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That just takes time and effort. Crappy little byproduct of male pattern fat storage sites.

I’m sorry about that. I shall give exact info.
I eat a very healthy diet. Nothing junk. Typically brown rice white rice oatmeal pulses and other stuff are where my carbs come from. No sugar.
My protein comes from chicken breast eggs whey protein isolate (Nitrotech performance series),skim milk.
Fats come from almonds, peanut butter (unsweetened), and egg yolk.
Regarding exercises I do weights, machines, and at least 1 compound lift everyday.
Deadlift pr : 315lbs(1rep)
Squat pr:225lbs(3reps)
Bench press :135lbs(4reps)
Overhead press(Clean and jerk) :135lbs(2reps)

I’m into lifting for 3 months. Before (7months) I used to focus more on cardio and less on resistance training.
Now I always work out my core 3 times a week.
Regarding my training schedule
Monday:Chest+lower abs
Wednesday :Back
Thursday :Arms+Obliques
Friday :Shoulders+Upper Abs
Saturday :Heavy legs(i push my limits)
P. S: I train legs twice in order to lift more. My squat is weak so I concentrate more on that.

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And it’s a typical day. The macros are almost same everyday.

OK, listen up,… you’re talking about going up and down in weight in MONTHS’ time. Building sufficient muscle takes YEARS’ time. Now, yes, you will see competitors dropping 20-30 (I’m putting out a general and conservative range here) lbs in 16-20 weeks’ time, but that is done in an aggressive fashion (relatively), AND they already spent YEARS building the muscle that allows their body to burn through calories every day.

I know the pics you put up aren’t great in terms of what we can see, but even when I was at my heaviest /off season weight of 215-220, you could still see plenty of muscle all over. This is what allowed me to eat 3500 cals a day, and “diet” that first time on close to 3000 daily.

Now, in terms of fat loss, its a genetic issue in terms of WHERE your body will lose fat first, next, and last. If you wanna be ripped, or even get that “trouble area”, you’re most likely gonna have to lean out everything. Considering your experience level, I have a feeling the biggest thing you’re gonna need to understand is where you’re at in terms of achieving your ultimate goal.

My advice?

1- Focus on building muscle, WHILE eating ENOUGH (NOT “BULKING!!!” to support muscle growth and just shy of feeding the fat.
2- Repeat for a couple of years



Your sources of food look good and your training split is alright. Without going into every single detail, I’ll just say to make sure you are pushing yourself in the gym. You mentioned pushing your leg sessions. Well, you’re only hitting everything else once a week, which is fine as long as you’re doing it right. Push yourself and make sure there’s enough volume to justify once a week training. Three to four exercises per muscle group and three to four working sets each ought to do the trick.

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Stu and J are a better source on how to implement a bodybuilding type program than I am, but leading with a big compound lift and then doing your BB work is a good way to go. Your diet looks reasonable, the one thing I’m seeing missing is vegetables and fruit. At least some of your carbs should come from fruit, and vegetables will give you a lot of the micronutrients you need with very few calories or carbs. I eat a huge (4-6 cups in volume) salad for lunch at work, and there’s more calories in the olive oil and vinegar I use as dressing, than in the salad itself.

Stu is right on about this being a long term commitment. Keep doing what you’re doing in the gym, eat well, and repeat for years. If something in the gym or at the table doesn’t seem to be working (over months, not after a week or 2) do some research and figure out what tweaks you need to make.


So your saying lean bulk right? 500 calories above my tdee.
And in your opinion will I need a surgery to get rid of that loose skin? Or will it go away as you said?

Alright. Thanks for your time and patience. I hope the flab goes away and I get washboard abs.