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Will My Gyno Subside?


Hey guys, im new here..and i wanted to know if my gyno will subside..i have had it for almost 2 two years now and i am 17 now...5.9,,145..male..i also wanted to know if masturbation has anything to do with gyno..any help will be appreciated


You have to saw your gyno off with a clean knife. Make sure you masturbate a minimum of 10 times consecutively beforehand to keep your hormone levels low.


Be sure to sterilize your knife with a blowtorch. Also, post pics and video of the procedure(very important).


I have had a few friends with gyno. All recieved while over weight, there seems to be a hormone imbalace when you get fat. Those that lost the weight kept the boobs as it is breast tissue. It shrunk the thinner they got but would never go away, same as a woman. The only way I have seen this completely removed is by surgery.


Another gem from Team 2009

And as far as your questions go. No, the gyno (if it is in fact gynocomastia) will not disappear on its own.

There are experimental drug protocols that some have used with sucess. However, you are too young to manipulate your hormones. You would be best to wait a few years before attempting this.

Surgery is the other option.

Read the thread in the T-cell "You've got titties"


Random question, but do you think gyno can be caused by legal testosterone boosters like Alpha Male for example if someone takes them while they're still pretty young?

My friend has gyno and I always assumed that he just developed with gyno, but he recently randomly mentioned that he took testosterone boosters when he first started working out ( 16-17 years old). Wondering if that could've had a hand in it. He's pretty lean so it's just enough to make his nipples look puffy.


Alpha Male? No.

Pro Hormones, yes.


Fuck me for being ignorant .. what is gyno?


I believe it's an old wooden ship...


I'm never asking a question again...


I'm considering undergoing surgery to remove my damn gyno in a couple of years. Say I remove them, and suppose I mess up my prolactin levels again with one way or another, is there any chance of gyno re-growth? Or the surgical procedure is such that it prevents any future gyno re-appearance even if hormonal imbalances take place?




Some pro BBers have gotten the mammary gland removed even before they get gyno. No gland, no breast growth.

And why do you think prolactin increses cause gyno?


To be honest a friend of mine went to the doc and told me that his doc told him that gyno occurs due to higher prolactin levels. I thought gyno occurred due to higher levels of estrogen in the blood. Higher levels of prolactin cause the milky discharge from the nipples at least that's what I have read on these boards. I'm no doc, so I believed what the guy told me. Seems like it wasn't a smart move huh?


Well I am not a doctor either. But I don't think the doctor is being completely thorough with his explanation.

Plenty of people have gotten gyno from T injections or popping dbol. Neither affect prolactin.

Maybe he was thinking of progesterone, which can exacerbate the problem. I don't think progesterone can cause gyno by itself either though. The common hormone in gyno cases in estrogen.

Some men develop gyno naturally so getting a blood test to check all major hormones is likely the best way to see what the culprit is. That is if you can take the blood test as the gyno is occuring.


Makes a lot of sense to me




You need to go to the endocrinologist....those guys are the only one that can correctly tell you about your bodies hormone levels and whether they are in balance or not.


I developed gyno when I first started puberty. I attempted to excise it with a knife when I was 11, but I pussied out before completing the procedure. It totally disappeared on its own eventually.


No your gyno will not subside. It will only grow as you age. Your skin and muscle will shrivel
but your Moobs will remain prominent as hell. Especially around weightlifters who will recognize you as someone who didn't follow their PCT advice from regulars on the Steroid thread on T-Nation. But you are not the only man with titties. Just wear big shirts and try to overdevelop your shoulders to take the FOCUS off your tits. Oh and a tip. You can use preparation H to tighten up those puffy nips. (I will PM you on the beating meat ).