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Will My Estrogen Level Be Too Low?



I got recently tested for hormones, here is the result :

FSH : 3.0 UI/L (1.5-14)
LH : 2.7 UI/L (1.2-10)
Total Test : 830 ng/dL (160-900)
Free Test : 52 pmol/L (31-94)
Estradiol : 32pg/mL (11-44)
Cortisol (8am) : 17.5 µg/dL (7-25)

I ordered some PES Erase to boost all of this up a little, however, do you think my estradiol could get too low at 2 pills/day?
It's the regular Erase, not the Pro.



You do need to lower your E2.

You do not need PES Erase. Suggest 1/2mg anastrozole per week in divided dose, EOD would be good. Aim for E2=22pg/ml. This may increase TT and FT while lowering SHBG. We know what anastrozole does and it is very much more cost effective.

Your cortisol is fine. You do not want low cortisol or ever want to know what that feels like.

Please read the stickies. We may be better able to help you if we knew more about your situation. Start with "advice for new guys".


Common now. No doctor is going to give him adex for this... Your labs are absolutely fine. Use some natural products to help clear E2 from the liver and work out and keep the body fat percentage low... You are absolutely normal..

I wish my natural labs looked like this.


He may have to get RC anastrozole to properly manage this if his doc will not work with him.


My E2 is the exact same as his and I don't have E2 issues. Well nothing noticeable at least. No gyno at all. Some very good doctors even anti aging docs would leave this level alone.


Based on his free T, he is a bit estrogen dominant. Lowering E2 should improve fT:E2. I think that he would feel better and a better option than dabbling in T booster supplements from the internet.


Before doing anything we should see what the liver is doing.. My E2 was tha same as his and now sits at 20 and I used nothing. Maybe he is having liver issues and problems clearing E2. Either way I feel zero difference between E2=32 and E2= 20...


E2 is not too bad some guys won't have issues.

If you're trying to increase FT by lowering SBGH I suggest nettle root extract instead.

Arimidex is harcore IMO and at your level natural stuff might do the trick. Try some LEF calcium d glucarate and 300 mg of DIM a day.


If he cleans his diet, eat lots of broccoli and mushrooms, drinks lots of water, take some ZMA and some vitamin D3, lost some weight , I am he would be able to lower that score by at least 10 points. His labs are great.


During development and puberty, T causes different parts of the brain to change. 'Circuits' for social social connections, empathy and compassion' are pruned. Circuits for competition and sexual pursuit increase. For many males, increased E causes adverse effects in the brain where some circuits increase in activity and the pruned brain patterns have a hard time coping. Many simply work better with lower E levels and many suffer with E2 in the thirties.

When a guy gets on anastrozole, he can decide if lower E2 is a better quality of life and make personalized decisions for themselves. Some want to denigh this opportunity to find out what is best for themselves. In any case, with lower E2, ones existing FT will be more effective. If not on TRT, TT and FT levels can be expected to increase if ones HPTA is reasonably intact.


Have you ever thought maybe someone can correct a problem by changing lifestyle? You talk of the medical system and problems with it yet you buy into big pharma which controls the medical systems.. Drugs are not the prescription for health.. Healthy life style is... As a last resort one should turn to drugs.


Tuna this is great advice my friend and milk thistle from the seeds not the whole plant as it has estrogenic effects seemed to help me a lot .


IW84aces - saw response on other thread, thanks.

apologies for intruding on this thread.


Also great advice..


How did you find out what the liver was doing? Also, how did you get it to drop to 20 which is the "sweet sport" discussed in much literature?

Despite being only 23 I have not had morning wood in years. I used to get rock solid morning wood every day without fail in highschool. Although I can still get an erection, it is not as firm as it was in high school and my libido has also dropped. I realize libido is highest in one's teens but at age 23 I feel my desire should be more than it currently is / erections should still be extremely hard

I suspect I have a bit too much estrogen because:

  • E2 is high normal (36)
  • Prolactin is high normal (which apparently follows high E2)
  • Free T is in the lower 1/3rd which is somewhat odd for a man of my age. I suspect e2 might again be the culprit here as my Total T is exactly where it should be for a male in his young 20s, safely away from the lower 1/3rd.
  • Taking zinc (a mild, natural AI I have read) in the form of ZMA sees me awake with a semi, but still not a full erection.

As my e2 is not overly high, however, I would like to try sorting this out with natural methods first. I fear drugs might only make things worse. The endocrine system is complicated and I don't want to screw anything up. Drugs would be a last resort and at very low doses to start.


I don't want to high jack this thread. Do you have your own thread? I will answer the liver question. Test alt and ast mine were elevated on both now one marker is back to normal and the other is just above range. I had a abdominal ultrasound which read: fatty infiltration of liver and pancreas. In this case one has to be careful of the foods they eat but also a low fat diet is not health if you ask me so its a catch 22.

Since my liver has shown some improvement my E2 has dropped. I cannot say I did this 100 percent or what happened. The body is tricky and what happens to my body may not be the same for you. Sorry for thehighjack sir. Please paste these questions in your own thread :slightly_smiling: