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Will Mr Olympia 2009 be on TV?


Will mr olympia 2009 be on t.v.? If so, how do i watch it. I will pay for it if it's pay per view. I have comcast


Nope. The media is so anti steroid they have completely shunned bodybuilding. Although I believe you can still watch it online.



That's gay, derogatively speaking...


That sucks. Man they even have professional darts championships on TV.


That's a bunch of bullshit. These are some of the best athletes in the world, with the best physique's in the world. Beyond that, steroids is common in just about every main sport out there.

Where can I watch it online? Though I wish I didn't have to sacrifice quality.


I haven't checked the Mr O website in a while but I'd guess they have some info about this.


It is shown on PPV. I remember seeing it last year. Has nothing to do with "mainstream media" it has to do with Weder getting a station to buy the rights to televise it. It is not a big enough draw to make money off of.


I think one time I just saw the Musclemania on TV. At least they have WSM.


But the national darts championship is? You're crazy. Last I checked the winner of the Olympia makes waaaay more than the winner of any darts tournament. The same could be said of all the bowling ESPN televises. There is more of an audience for BB but ESPN (owned by Disney, mind you) doesn't want to show it.


I recall the old days watching the Olympia highlights (as well as Mr Universe) with my dad on "ABC's Wide World of Sports".
Back then, my brother and I used to call the bodybuilders, "the shiny guys".



It's not just the Olympia or BB contests, I don't think anything related to bodybuilding or serious weight training is on anymore. If there is, let us know. For example, does anyone else remember a show in the mid 90's called Flex Workout with Shawn Ray and guests? Below is a sample. What happened to the weight training shows? All I see are "boot camp" workout shows.


They televise WSM all of the time, and almost all of the WSM competitors are using. I think that there must be another reason why bodybuilding isn't televised.


I would guess that bodybuilding is more of a cult-like sport. In all honesty how many average Americans are going to find posing in a speedo exciting? They won't. There's no clear competitive aspect that people clueless about the sport can latch on to. It would only be entertaining to those of us who follow the sport, and the occasional viewers who just want to see the "freak show" (not a good stereotype I'm afraid)

Everyone can get excited about WSM, I mean how can you not get pumped up when watching a guy pull an airplane? Even something like darts or bowling there is a cut and dry competitive aspect and/or point system that people can look at.

Not many people are going to be watching a bbing show and think "Hmm it looks like that fellas glutes are holding some water, I'd give him third at best"


it cracks me up that the media is so anti-steroid and doesn't want the public viewing a "sport" like bodybuilding....yet, almost all professional athletes are on some form of performance enhancing drug; cortisone shots, d-bol, test, I mean, what the hell?


I was young, but I remember the show. I don't know the last time a comp was espn, but I do recall the video of the '91 NPC nationals being televised on ESPN.


Bad analogy, darts is fuckin awesome :slight_smile:


And we all know they juice.


They show WSM and not the O because nobody knows what the O is. Moreover, WSM satisfies the average person's need to see buff dudes, but spares them from looking at scary muscle mass in a speedo. Fact is most people find that unappealing. We are the minority. Accept it proudly. Darts doesn't get an "Eww, gross" reaction, therefore ESPN or FSN or what have you fills programming gaps with it. It sucks; I know. Go call your cable company or something.


When does WSM come on?


it's a shame they call poker a sport, some of the biggest scumbag sloths on the planet with sunglasses and shirts pulled over their heads, get the fuck out of here, man up...that garbage is on ESPN yet BB can't get air time.

Pay dat man hiss Money!