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Will Mag-10 Help My Vertical Jump

will the capsule form help with my vertical jump?? How much??

building strong calves will help your vert.

Yes, by 13.56 inches.

Indirectly, it could improve your vertical leap. Check this out, if you do a 12 week cycle (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off)of mag 10 and focus the first 6 weeks on building the strength in your rear chain (low back, glutes and hamstrings) and the next 6 weeks moving over to the explosive olympic lifts like the power clean, power snatch, etc. , you could see a 2-4 inch improvement in your vertical.

Focus on the following movements for the first 6 weeks:
rock bottom squats (front and back), deadlifts (bent knee, romanian and snatch style), good mornings and reverse hypers.
The next 6 weeks start transferring the strength you accumulated into power by incorporating the olympic lifts. Make sure you get a coach to teach you these lifts, as they are very technical.

Trench nailed it. The calves have very little to do with vert. Read the vertical jump program at T-mag, white men can jump by Ian King. The Mag-10 will help you build the muscle.