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Will Laxatives Impair My Ability To Build Muscle?

I was wondering as I have IBS and I’m currently unemployed which makes drinking milk a good option for mass, Lots of Food can constipate me and the probiotics that worked (Symprove) if any IBS-C’ers want to know averages around £16 a week but I have 2 bottles of lactulose laxatives, should I use them?

I would be working out why/what foods constipate you and work on managing that rather than living on laxatives.

EDIT: just saw the IBS part.

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Yeah I tried an SCD diet, definitely not good for bulking at all and it is so expensive

EDIT: Don’t plan to live off laxatives, going to get my powerful pro biotics once I’m working again.

Ever tried to ferment your own food? (Kefir, sauerkrauts, etc)
Might help and is cheaper in the long run

ever tried glutamine? Look it up; can really help with IBS

Won’t work as well, Yes Saurkrauts are full of bacteria but how many of those bacteria are live?, The probiotic I got was a liquid that I can put in the fridge.

May try it when I have more cash I just want to know if the laxatives will diminish my ability to make “gainz”.

No, they will be alive.

Trust me a lot of them aren’t I tried it, Symprove worked best for me.

You need to make it yourself, then put in the fridge when its done fermenting

I just want to know if I’m able to use the laxatives, as I’m a busy guy, I ate sauerkraut, Just want to use them as a temp as I find myself occupied a lot of the time

Si or non?

mate it’s pretty clear nobody knows.

Just take your medicine and make the best of it.

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I guess if the doctor offered me it it can’t be too bad.

My brother has taken lactulose for a couple of decades for low bowel motility due to a spinal chord injury. As laxatives or stool softeners go its a pretty mild one.

Can’t remark on gains, given that he’s quadriplegic, but the muscles he can control are pretty well developed.

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