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Will Just Squats Do It?


In the magazines they talk about extensions/curls/lunges and how they add definition, sweep, "total development", whatever. I'm curious if someone was to do a leg program that consisted of regular ass to grass squats and calf work, would the participant develop any lurking leg developments? Is the whole sweep, development thing only for whose legs are so straited that you can see their femur?


I am totally confused about your question. And what are 'lurking leg developments?' Sweep? You can certainly gain serious size and strength on only squats. Deadlifts and other exercises should be thrown in for good measure. And isolation is certainly not bad. What was your question?


I personnaly prefer to add some unilateral work (lunges or step-ups or split squats) to make sure I don't develop imbalance (both in strength and size). Variety is the spice of life.


That would be a good DAY not as total program. IMO like was said DL's, isolateral work (lunges, step ups etc) and LAST after all is said and done maybe some isolation work.


Isolation work. I hate the word. Do I do isolation work, well yeah, but I don't really call it isolation work, I call it assistance work. If it assists with my squat poundages then it's all good....and will probably make your legs look "pretty", ex. sweep etc.

I think a person with above avg genetics can get away with just doing squats and have GREAT legs, proof is out there. But why stop there, do some assistance work...I mean isolation work as well as compounds (squats, lunges etc).


The question is, as simply as I can put it:

Can you do just squats and have great thighs?

Anyone willing to be a guinea pig? :slightly_smiling:


Naturally, if you stick strictly to compound moves like Squats, and making it your complete upper leg workout, you're going to develop imbalances. It happends, it's reversible. However, It would be okay if you did Squats and Deadlifts as a complete upper leg routine, considering Hams are the main leg movers in Deadlifting and Quads are the main leg movers in ATG Squats.


man just try it.


squats will not just do, try good mornings,sumo deads,deads and maybe some walking lunges with a barbell,.


For what it's worth,

When I was just starting to train I relied heavily on squats as a quad builder. For myself personally, I found it developed overal size and strength quite well. However, as time passed I noticed that my vastus medialis (inside muscle on your quads) started to fall behind. Though you can help keep balanced a little better if you sink deep, past 90, on each rep.

Throwing in a variety of exercises, including different squat variations, helps you keep well rounded, and keeps your body guessing so gains keep comming.

Oh yea, and I'll second the advise about deadlifts and other hamstring building exercises...