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Will John Wall Blow Up This Year?


Though he came up second in the ROY standings I think he had a rather quiet rookie year compared to the past 3 ROYs- Rose, Evans and Griffin. However I can't help but notice the overall template and role of the modern day point guard changing: today's point guards (Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook) have evolved from just being good facilitators (I know some of you have something to say about Westbrook here) to become freak athletes, scoring machines who also play some dangerous defense!

In comes John Wall, he's fucking fast, he's got the height and length (he's pretty lanky) to play as a combo-guard, he's been progressively putting on size these past years (compare him to when he just started playing for Kentucky to what he is now in the video below), he's already got great passing skills and I think it's going to be really fun to watch him get to his peak. I really hope to see the Bulls and Wizard square off in the first round of the playoffs just because 2008/2009's epic point guard battle between Rose and Rondo was just fucking epic and pure entertainment. But if this year it was a matured, faster and stronger Wall up against an already beast of a Derrick Rose just going at it at a high octane playoff caliber? Holy shit.


I would say next year is more likely (given the recent lockout's loooong layoff) but I agree that its a given with this kid.

Physically, he's as gifted as anyone in the entire league and if he can put in the work to put it all together, sky's the limit. imo.


The rumor here on campus was that he walked into a party at the beginning of the year and said, "who wants to suck my dick?" I imagine several guys volunteered their services considering the hero worship of UK players around here.

Has he learned to shoot yet? Rondo still isn't much of a shooter but turned into a great PG. His potential it through the roof, that much is certain.


ive done that and im nobody, who cares.


There's already an NBA thread.


This guy definately has a lot of room to blow up. I think he needs to hit the weight room hard and increase his food intake. Right now though I feel he's too small for bodybuilding.


Improve turnover/assist ratio... Improve long-range j... Only weaknesses I've seen...

If he can get defenses to respect his range, look out; he'll be a scoring/assist machine.