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Will Injecting Now Mess Anything Up?

I pinned 100mg Monday thinking i was going to pyramid up to 400mg then stay there for about 5 weeks then taper down. People have been saying thats pointless to start at 100/200. So I was wondering if today (Thursday) I can maybe pin another 200/300, then Monday start at 400mg for 10 weeks.

Why pyramid anything up? It’s like front loading, it’s not really necessary. Are you planning on splitting 400 into to 2X200mg shots a week or just one 400mg shot a week?

So, to answer your question, if you did 100mg Monday and want to stay at 400mg per week, do 300mg on your next shot.

I was planning on doing 1 shot per week since its Test Cypionate. But since i only did 100mg the first time (3 days ago) I thought maybe I could take an additional 300mg right now, and then Monday 400mg, and so on every week there after. So your saying just wait til next Monday and take only 300mg, then the Monday after that start 400mg?

100 + 300 for this week. Do it now or whenever. Then 400 once a week after or as suggested in the other post, two times a week at 200mg each time.

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yep about to put in the other 300 right now, thank you so much.

I responded to your other thread, but I see here it looks like you figured things out. best of luck!

400mg is still shit. You won’t be happy I wasn’t happy until i finally bumped up to 5000mg a week that’s the sweet spot. With 400mg of Dbol a day.

you have too many zeroes there…

Nope those zeros were intended :neutral_face:

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I think the OP needs to learn more before starting. His “cycle” is more like my TRT dosing.

If you really want to cycle, start with 500mg once a week (1X500 or 2X250). For your first cycle since your dbol, I think you’d get some really great results. One vial of 250/10 will last you 5 weeks, so get two vials and run a 10 week cycle. Get your PCT ready too. of course, your AIs and whatever else you decide to use.

Yeah I have plenty 2000mg/10ml vials. I’m doing 200 Monday’s 200 Thursday’s . I have arimidex on hand that I will start at .25 every 3 days if I feel any sore nips or itchiness and up it +.25 every time if necessary. For PCT I am getting my nolva tomorrow I decided. Gonna start it 2 weeks after my last pin and run it 40mg a day first week, then 20mg a day second week and 10mg a day third week. That sound sufficient?

I’ve considered running a straight up 2g cycle of test, nothing else (aside from an oral probably). That would be pretty wild.

400mg of test is fine for a cycle

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I was just messing around bud. Lol 5G would just be unimaginable lol you would need 3mg Adex everyday hah


Yea I know you were. I was serious about the 2g though :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about a mega high test cycle too.

Pro tip: if you do then use letro as your AI

you know what I’m just gonna do that, 1 whole vial it is.

why? expense? and 20 characters?

yeah pretty much, otherwise you’ll be running like 75mg a day of aromasin and that shit’s expensive!

Letro’s good shit. Especially if you invest in a pill cutter

I use 1/4 of a 2.5mg pill EOD for 1g of test/week.

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