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Will I put 20lbs on

Hi i just bought 100 dbols 2 bottles of test cyp and a very exclusive bottle of parabolan. do u think if i stack these 3 together i will put 20 lbs on!!

  1. You have fake gear, Parabolan hasn’t been manufactured in a decade or so 2. You can gain 20 lbs without roids too. Damn, I can eat 20 lbs of food in 48 hours, so why couldn’t you put on additional 20 lbs? 3. Please, do some searching on T-Mag and Internet before you ask questions like this.

Wow that was a rough reply. Actually black market parabolan is being made, both in the states and by several sources in europe. I dont know about the quality though. If it is real and your first cycle, 20 lbs would be an underachievement. Good luck

I thought that the fact that real Parabolan doesn’t exist is part of the common knowledge. There was an analysis posted on Testosterone some time ago, they tested some vials claiming to be “Parabolans”… Guess how many of them contained trenbolone? :slight_smile:

From what I heard GAC makes a great trenbolone cyclohexymythylcarbonate aka parabolan. But this was discontinued last week…

See brocks post. I also have a feeling that a few of the other “parabolans” are trembolone acetate. This of course is just what I heard. I sure as hell aint trying them and no way am I gona shell out the cash for an analysis. I would just stick with stuff you know is legit.