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Will I Need an AI at 300mg a Week?

I’ve been on TRT at lower doses for a few years, never realizing any positive aspects of it. Mainly, i’m looking for libido.

I am contemplating running 150mg test twice a week to see if supra levels will get me any libido.

I do have lowish shbg… roughly around 25.

Just wondering how many of you run arimidex with a dose of 300mg per week split?

I don’t want to discuss other compounds besides test, as they aren’t an option. My concern is my E2 getting too high, cancelling any effect.

Any feedback would be great!


What does your TRT protocol look like and how long have you been on that current protocol? I assume you’ve tried different doses / ancillaries over the years without success?

I don’t know if I understand the point of supercharging your hormones for libido only to control them with an AI. E2 has a strong correlation with libido. Everybody aromatizes differently so there is not a one size fits all answer. For me personally, I start to have issues around 500mg. I’ve not had issues running 300mg/wk and don’t see many that do.

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I guess this is what i’m looking for.

I’ve tried numerous TRT protocols. 300mg every other week, 100/week, 50mg E3D, EOD, and daily

Nothing has really worked, so my thought is to try a much larger, almost drastic dose to see if i can get SOME libido… then taper down from there.

Thanks for your comment

I did my first cycle at 325 mg/wk of test E with no AI and no issues.

You have done 50 mg daily? That is 350 mg a week, did you have issues with E2 on that protocol? Maybe I am understanding that wrong?

You’ll be fine, give it a go

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No, for daily i did 16 mg/day.

Did you feel libido at 325/week?

It was pretty strong on that dose. IMO, it was almost too much. YMMV though.

What is the highest dose you have done per week? I am not sure based on your post listing out things you have tried.

I would recommend you to start a bit lower if this is going to be long term. Maybe start at 200 mg/wk if you haven’t tried that. If no libido, up it a bit and repeat.

300mg once every other week
100mg once per week
50mg E3D
30mg EOD
16mg Daily
30mg daily

The only time i felt some libido was sporadically on the first protocol.

My thoughts were to start high, at 150mg twice a week (300mg per week total) and see if i can find something libido-wise,. THEN, taper downwards.

So the last protocol was the highest per week, but you probably had a larger spike on the 300 every other week.

Here is 300 every other week.

Here is 30 ED.

So you do indeed have higher peaks on the 300 mg every other week.

Why not try something like 125 mg 2X a week. You would get the spikes and average high levels. Kinda an in-between the two protocols.

Here is that plot.

Some seem to need some fluctuation to feel the high level. Maybe 200 or 250 mg once a week to try as well.

Great charts. Thanks

I have been debating a bit lower, like 125mg twice per week (250mg total per week). Then again, i guess theres not much difference between 250mg and 300mg per week.

Have you ever gone on a trip and injected more to make up days that you won’t be pinning? When I do that, I get crazy libido. Maybe I should switch to less frequent injections.

To me it seems like 200-250 once a week would be a great starting point. Not sure. It is an experiment. 300 mg a week would make me a bit nervous.

I tend to think once per week isn’t frequent enough, but my own anecdotal evidence tells me that I feel pretty good at least for that week.

I’ve never tried anything higher than my doses above.

I"ve gotta do something thinking on it all. I don’t know why this all makes me so nervous.

Tough to tell what is going to be best. You mentioned above that 300 mg every other week was the best for libido. I am thinking you need some variation (big spikes) in test levels to have good libido. I think you should at least start with a bit lower than 300 mg a week. If it is me, I would look to 200-250 mg either once or twice a week, but I would probably start with once, based on your 300 mg every other week data.

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Shit I’d take 300+ at once and see what happens if libido is that much of an issue and it’s the only thing that’s worked before. That is assuming there’s no obvious reason that’s a bad idea for you. Anxiety, etc.

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I agree that based on previous protocols, that once a week makes sense. However, I would try the lower dose first to see if I felt good. It isn’t like 200-250 mg a week is a small TRT dose.

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Wouldn’t splitting the dose reduce e2? Or would that be counterproductive to the spike and ft?

Splitting will likely reduce e2. Do you have high e2 issues? E2 can help with libido for some.

That’s the dilemma.

I spoke with another person who thought it was too low.

What was your TT, FT, and e2 as of your last set of blood work? And are you using HCG?

As I recall, on 30mg eod

TT 749
E2 49
Ft 191 (35-155)