Will I lose skin?

Ok, odd question, but, well, my weight loss has been null in the past month 'cuz of holidays and my weak will, but prior to that I was losing gobs of fat, and still have quite a bit to go. I haven’t seen any (ick) hanging folds of skin or anything, but that seems quite possible in the coming few months. Will my skin “shrink” over time or am I gonna have to get it surgically removed?

It should tighten up after a while. There is a off the wall way you can expidite it. Buy some Preparation-H Cream (has to be the cream) and apply to any loose skin areas then wrap in Saran Wrap. Do it for about a week. I have done it and my brother who has lots of loose skin has done it and had good results. You can also use it for you hemorids.

are you serious about the preparation-h???

The Prep-H trick will only cause temporary, local water loss. That’s it. It will not “tighten” loose skin. If a person has been really fat in the past, it may tighten up a bit, but not much. For example, almost every fat celeb who gets that stomach by-pass operation has to go get skin removed later.

Errr, thanks, I guess, but I read some other “skin” messages and accidentally posted on one of them, so I think I’m good.