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Will I Lose Gains?


After my last injection after completing my PCT how many weeks will it take to lose my Gaines for example 6 weeks after my last injection will I still lose muscle off my course cheers


If your PCT is well planned in accordance to cycle length and choice of steroids, and you consume enough calories DURING and AFTER PCT to maintain the additional mass, you should, at least in theory retain the maximum amount of 'Gaines'.

You haven't given us much at to to work with so I can only offer you very general, limited and speculative advice. PCT can be quite a subjective thing, I personally never really retained much at all from my days of cycling, and my libido would always falter, too, despite aggressive PCT's, other people seem to be able to recover well from the same cycles and retain at least some of their gains along with no detriment to their libido.


What other info would u need to work with budda


Thru my course I took test e 500mg test cyp 500mg per week for 12 weeks these are long ester so I should start my pct 10days after last injection starting with 5000iu hcg split into 3 jabs one every 3 days thn afte last hcg jab taken 20mg novaldex a day for 4 weeks is this correct?


Any 1?



Use the search bar.


Bonez is correct, your questions could have been answered with a simple search, you should have researched all of this prior to starting your cycle; but it's too late now.

Since I started, I'll finish...

HCG should NOT be used for PCT. It should have been administered throughout the cycle at 250IU twice a week and stopped around the time of the final shot.. Just save it for next time.

Starting PCT 10 days after last shot having used Cyp and enan is fine. I personally would use 150mg clomid a day for ten days, then 100mg a day for ten days, then 50mg a day for another 10-20 days.

I ALWAYS preferred clomid over nolvadex for PCT, but that's just me.

If you have Nolvadex, I would run 40-60mg a day for the first 10 days, then run 20mg a day for at least another 10 days, I would run PCT for 30 days.

Good luck.


Cheers for tht I nw know wat to do will splitting the hcg in 3 injection thru owt 12days b bad for my body as u hav alrdy dun it


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I have already injected the hcg 5000 iu over 12 days split in to 3 injections one every 4 days will tht b bad for my body


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Start a SERM PCT after the last shot of HCG, and consider the 12 days unnecessary extra suppression and a waste of HCG.


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