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Will I Look Big Once I Reach Jason Blaha's Strength Standards?

According to Jason Blaha once you hit a 300 bench, 400 squat and 500 deadlift you should most certainly look like you lift unless of course you’re a genetic outlier. I find this to be true since most of Jason Blaha’s advice has helped me a lot throughout my lifting years giving me a strong believe that this is true indeed and that I should aim for these numbers, what makes me want to reach this goal even more is that the women will love it once they notice I workout and that i’m not just an ordinary guy who doesn’t care about how he looks

It could, but it also could not.

If you specialize in the squat, bench and deadlift and focus on maximizing your leverages and minimizing ROM as much as possible and peak as hard as you can to an absolute best 1rm and FINALLY hit those lifts…you’ll most likely not look very accomplished.

If you end up hitting those lifts after a lot of hard and heavy training over a variety of rep ranges working the body from multiple angles, you’ll probably look like you lift.

And what’s funny is that those strength standards belonged to Stuart McRobert well before they belonged to Blaha, but it’s not shocking he’s stealing more work. Although I doubt Stuart was original about it too.


I’m really close to those numbers and nobody would ever assume I lift. It’s depressing, but I haven’t been lifting long and those numbers aren’t special.

I think this seems like my issue.

Have you ever skimmed my journal? I’d love to know your thoughts on what I do. I often wonder what an accomplished lifter would think when they see what I do.

Doubtful. I know plenty of guys who have those kind of numbers who look average as anything, myself included when those were my numbers.

If you go 600/400/700, different story.


Post height and weight

Height and weight?

6ft. 210ish

I guffawed at the title of this thread.


What’s YOUR height and weight? You would do well to not follow advice from someone who looks like a garbage bag filled with cottage cheese on how to not look like a garbage bag filled with cottage cheese.


This really made me laugh. I don’t even know who the blaha guy is but your post has prompted me to go google him.

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When I had those numbers? Around 200 lbs. I’m 173 cm, which I think is 5’ 9"

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I’ve read it before, but I still cry laughing at this.

Honestly, I don’t like to talk about the guy, but if people read that website in its entirety and follow the advice not to give him any YouTube views, then it’s better than them hearing about him and watching even half of one of his videos, thus supporting him.


Dude shut up, stop shitting on blaha you twig

Haven’t read it. I could give it a look, but in truth, no one’s training makes sense to me on paper. It really needs to be experienced.

In proof of concept, I read @ActivitiesGuy 's log. How he trains makes absolutely zero sense to me. I don’t possibly understand how it works. But it works VERY well for him. There’s just so much about what goes on at the human level.


Are… are you the Blaha?


Cool, let’s see a picture of you that makes me look like a twig in comparison, shall we?

While we’re at it, you could offer a defense for him lying about being a CIA assassin, but that’s a tall order.


Remember, OP is the guy who chucks a massive hissy fit any time someone disagrees with him.

Also, he’s the fuckwit who can’t get his head around how to do pullups or why assistance work is necessary.

He’s also a very, very long distance from being able to hit any of those numbers since he’s something like six feet tall and weighs around 190 pounds. In fact, if memory serves, he has issues benching much over 132 lbs.