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Will I benefit from Tribulus?


Hey everyone,
I've been reading the forums for a while now, and recently signed up so I could ask you guys a question about Tribulus.
My question is: Im 20, and I know my hormones are near peak levels at my age. So, if I take a tribulus supplement like Tribex, should I expect to see results or will I just be throwing my money away?
Any comments are welcome, thanks.


The general consensus is that it prolly won't make much of a difference for someone your age.


The only real way to know is to 1) get your test levels checked and see just how "peaked" you are and try it yourself if you feel it neccessary.

Some people have been known to have lower test levels for various reasons.

IF you really wanna know if its worth your money, get your levels checked.

Or just try it. If money is a big issue though, then finding out what your levels are becomes even more important in determing its worth to you.


many thanks.

I think im gonna go ahead and try it just to see how it works...



I tried it when I was 20 or 21. It made a tremendous difference... it really depends on your natural test levels.


Hey man, I was in the same boat a while back. I'm 20, and I wanted to try tribex. So I just bit the bullet and got some. I found it does work really well. I had been under tons of stress, so my T levels definitely were suffering. The tribex certainly helped top off the tank. I'd say get a bottle and see what happens.


i have tried it as well, a few years back (when i was 25yr old).

i found my sex drive went thru the roof...