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Will I Be Scammed???

Does this sound right? I can get 50ml Test Enant. 250mg for $600. What does this really mean?? Does it mean I can have 250cc for 50weeks?? and comments and suggestion are welcome

$600 for 50ml…is WAY TOO much…and yes…50ml/250mgs…means you have 50…250 mg shots…

what can someone expect to pay for that amount of Test E.?

I usually get 20ml for $75

how much you got?

[quote]iksrtfo28 wrote:
I usually get 20ml for $75[/quote]

Yes 75.00 sounds about right. For a 50ml bottle of Test it should not be more than 230.00 bucks, way too much bro…keep shopping,check out different boards and sources as well. Good luck

Yeah that’s more than double what anyone should have to pay.

never paid more than $120 for 50ml of test e at 300mg

holy poop dude, that’s crazy. do more research for sure! or i’ll sell you one for only $550.00 with free shipping :slight_smile:

i kid, i kid :stuck_out_tongue: