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Will I be clean???


Hello Guys!
I just need some help.
I'm a professional athlete in a reasonable high level.I just finished a short cycle of ORAL D-BOL in a low dosage(15 mg/day for 3 weeks)and believe or not it was AMAZING.
If I reach the results that I'm expecting I'll have a I.O.C drug test in exactly 10 weeks.Considering the new and very accurate drug testing method,WILL I BE CLEAN from D-BOL metabolites after these 10 weeks from my last intake???
Those "Detection times" that we find on every anabolic steroid web sites are very old and not reliable.
Does anyone has any reliable information to help me out??
Thank you very much for all your help!


It depends... have you ever humped your sister's dog?

(fancy way of saying use a search engine for 'steroid clearance times')


Max. I would guess to say you will be clean, 10 weeks should be enough to run out of your system. The half life for oral dbol is only a couple of weeks. I know that this is not reliable info but just my opinion, but I wouldn't be too concerned...good luck


The half life for Dbol is 3-5 hours.

There shouldn't be any detectable metabolites 10 weeks post use.


Dianabol like most orals will clear in around 2 weeks.