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Will I be able to lift after getting a tattoo?

I know, I know, this is going against everything TC stated in one of his more recent Atomic Dog articles… But I have decided to get a tattoo. I’m planning on getting it right in the middle of my upper back, between my trap’s. I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience in this situation… After you got your tattoo, were you able to lift as hard as you could before, or did you have to wait for it to heal? Out of fear of tearing the scab and all that… I mean, all I’m really worried about is still being able to work legs and back… I don’t think it’d be to comfortable trying to squat for some reps with heavy weight while having a bar rest on a sore spot like that; or working back likewise. If anyone can gimme any replies with some positive and informative posts, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

-Da Path

i have several tatoos. one of which covers almost my entire upper back. i resumed training the day after i got work done, just be sure to put a lot of ointment on the piece before you work out. do not cover the tatoo with any bandages or platic, and doing squats is totally out of the question for at least 3 weeks.

There’s no easy way to say what I’m going to. But I’ll try to be as polite as possible. If you are this worried about getting a tattoo… maybe your not the “type”.

Stop being a little Nancy boy. My sister wouldnt even cry about that!

I got a tattoo in the exact same place, running down my spine. Mine didn’t scab up, but my whole back was really tight for about a week and I couldn’t lift.

It’s a good idea to take 5-7 days off to let it heal properly.

I have several tats, including a fairly large backpiece. Also a good friend of mine owns a shop(pretty convienient eh?) so i am pretty well qualified to respond to this. YOU CAN NOT PERFORM SQUATS FOR AT LEAST A MONTH IF YOU GET ONE ON YOUR UPPER BACK!!! everything else will be fine as long as you keep it covered in ointment when you go to work out. luckily i got my back done when i was in high school and only working my upper body like a jackass. Ive learned a lot since then. So it looks like you need to figure out whats more important, training legs or getting ink on your back. P.S. you could get it anywhere else on your body.

Here’s an idea for ya. poeple here have said you won’t be able to do regular squats and they are right. Instead you could try Hack or fronts squats. that way you could get the tatoo and still train legs. Check the “Forgotten Squats” article by Coach Davies for info about the two of these.

Can I start working out after a one day break if I’m getting inked on my forearm or upper arm ??

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