Will Heavy Lifting on a Calorie Restricted Diet Still Raise My T?

hi there ive read a few articles on here so i understand the basics:
heavy lifting + high calorie/fat intake etc can raise testosterone

however, i read that low-calorie-diets/calorie-deficits make it hard for the body to produce testosterone.

If i have a diet with a calorie deficit and lift as well will the lifting still cause an increase in T or will the calorie deficit trump the effects of heavy lifting and not raise my T because of a lack of fats/cholesterol etc to produce it

Major in the minor much?

Depends. What is your diet like? What did you eat yesterday?


It can be. It also depends on the foods you are eating. There are some foods that are more prone to helping your body naturally produce testosterone.

I don’t think people really understand how negligible the effects of these things on testosterone really are. The effects are transient anyway. They don’t actually matter whatsoever in the big picture.

You’re a beginner. If you are overweight, you should be working at a calorie deficit. I’m assuming you are overweight, otherwise this question wouldn’t be coming up for you.

Also keep in mind that your hormonal profile OVERALL will improve as you approach a healthy/low level of fat. Everything gets better when you’re leaner. Whether or not that’s because testosterone went up, thyroid function improves, insulin sensitivity improves, etc, is not important. Get lean and lift hard. Period.