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Will Griffiths - Bodybuilding Offseason Training Log


I’ve recently joined the site after years of reading the articles and information provided here, I’ve used a couple of different forums before and always like the idea of putting my training and sharing information with everyone so thought I’d start one up here as a first off and bit of an introduction!

I recently competed 4 weeks ago with NABBA and have started my offseason right away, I was considering doing a couple of shows back to back but I really have a lot of improvements to make before competing again IMO so I can look at placing more where I’d like! I did place high enough to get an invite to the finals in November so it is always in the back of my mind depending on how the next few months go.

The main goal is added over muscle (isn’t it always!) mainly I feel I lack thickness and muscle across my *pressing" muscles so chest/shoulders/arms. This offseason I will be monitoring my BF/waist measurements more closely and trying not to go too overboard in that regard - I usually get VERY chunky as do enjoy my food! I also have strength goals I’d like to reach and do train with progressive overload in mind aswell as being a big believer in higher frequency training.

I will be documenting my workouts and basic set up as I go along with any changes that are made, any questions feel free to ask and any advice ALWAYS feel free to chime in!

I competed at 88.4kg and attached are a couple of recent pictures from my show;

Annnnnnnd this is 4 weeks into “offseason” now sat at 97.8kg - training is going well and I’m building food back up slowly, managed to keep my waist within 0.5inches of stage and I’m feeling much more back to normal and focused on improving;

My current training split as follows;

Monday - Back/Chest/Arms HEAVY compound focus
Tuesday - Legs with glute/hamstring focus
Wednesday - REST
Thursday - Chest/Back “cluster” sets
Friday - Shoulders/Arms
Saturday - Legs HEAVY compound focus
Sunday - REST

Training day macros are currently;

285g protein
335g carbs
55g fats

I eat 6 meals a day plus w/out nutrition and train at around 6pm every day, my carb intake before sessions during the day I keep >100g and focus my carb intake on intra/post workout nutrition and the following 3-4 hours afterwards.

Rest days I eat 6-7 meals and keep carbs >200g a day with protein and fat intake the same as training days.

Thought I would get my first workout up in here from Saturday afternoon;

Legs HEAVY focus

Deadlifts from the floor 2 heavy sets - 230kg x 6,3 reps
Leg extensions 5 x 12-15
Narrow stance horizontal leg press (3 working sets) worked up to 7pl p/side x 14 superset each with lying hamstring curls x 13-15 reps
Hack squats ATG (4 working sets) worked upto 135kg x 7 (PB)
Leg extensions 2 x triple drop sets
Seated calf raises 5 sets 20 reps with 15 sec breaks
Weighted calf stretch on leg press for 45-60 seconds

3rd session back deadlifting this year and getting back in the groove nicely, working up gradually each week and should be back near all time PB’s within a couple of months. Progression in all exercises so good session!

Had my “free meal” for the week following this - chicken curry and chips!

Welcome to the forum (seen you perk up in the pharma section).

Good to see a down to earth Brit who clearly knows what he is doing join the group and share some knowledge…

I am particularly interested in your conditioning; at 26 you are a couple years older than me and i am currently trying to recondition and get drier just for the vanity of it! Looks much more impressive than my previous perma-bulking self!

Recently started doing LISS 45-60min fastes cardio AM and my macros are pretty much the same as yours (slightly higher carbs but still in a high/med/low/rest day rotation ranging from 220-480g) @ 102kg 5’11, fairly lean but no lower ab detail!

I am reluctant to drop my food any further just yet becuase I am making progress and I am currently coming to the end of a cruise before the Tren A/Test P comes back into play but what sort of cardio/deficit got you to your conditioning level and over what sort of period?

Hi mate - thanks for dropping in!

How long have you been dieting for now? How many training days a week?

If you are reluctant to drop food and it seems like the SSCV fasted is the only cardio you are doing then I would look at adding a few HIIT sessions in. I had never done this on previous prep’s however I have run with clients and this prep is the first time I used it - just twice a week on my rest days, not fasted I did it in the evenings as believe its too much if done correctly and before food. I eventually dropped it at 2.5 weeks out due to recovery ability/being ready.

Start on xtrainer or stationary bike with just a simple 8-10 sprints on rest days (20 secs ALL OUT 1min 40 rest is what I prefer) then I tapered up gradually to around 16 sprints total over the weeks.

It’s always a case of increasing output or reducing intake and you may find the increased output brings better results!

Prep wise I always do 16 weeks (or longer!) I much prefer it as leaves a lot of time to get things nailed down and I prefer to also be ready at 14-10 days out at the very latest so I can slowly work carbs back in over a long period and really harden up before the final days manipulations.

In regards to my prep diet I brought the carb cycling in around 7-8 weeks out once I felt I needed the lower days on training days that weren’t quite as taxing, I tried to keep my carb intake as high as possible on my weaker body part days or body parts that tend to “flatten” out so that my recovery from those sessions was enhanced as much as possible.

I think as far as lower abs go I know for me I have to get mega lean to start to bring those out, my glutes tend to come through before my ab detail lol! When you bring in the hardening compounds and if you simply increased output a little whilst keeping food the same that should push things along without much impact on your appetite/muscle fullness.

I feel like I’m rambling now and if I’ve not answered what you wanted feel free to redirect again and I’ll try again!

Yes I deffinitley need to increase output rather than decrease input… Seeing as I am not competing anytime soon I dont really see the need to go too hungry lol.

So it seems like I am doing the right thing as the AM fasted cardio is steady state but good to know a few HIIT sessions in the evening when needed would be a good addition, thanks.

Concisely put that is spot on lol - I am a BIG believer in sscv fasted even though I know the rage now is to avoid it and do all HIIT sessions. So yes I would say stick with it and when needed intro HIIT 1-2 x per week on rest days.

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Nice to have you here man. Will be following this.

Thanks very much mate, feel free to chime in whenever you like :blush: