Will GH Help

I was wondering if GH would help with my recovery & strenghtening.

Had c5-c6 Fusion 05/18/06 & left shoulder impingement surgery 11/24/06(no Tears), Recovery was going well . I couldn’t find a good therapist so i was doing my own rehab using the info from this site,The inside out routine foam rollers & my ART Practioner.

About a two months ago I started hearing my scapula grind & pop alot agian especially when I would do any shruging motions.I know popping isn’t a big deal but a few days later there was a lot of pain. My ortho sent me for a mri & ct scan for snapping scapula. They both came back negative. then I got two cortisone shots in the bursa that made it worse.

I’ve been seeing a therapist who works with NY Rangers, the pat 3 weeks. I’m definately feeling better. He says that my neck injury weakened my rhomboids alot. I just want to now if GH would help the injury or Not?

I see no one has chimed in here. I have issues with both shoulders. My right RC has a full thiickness tear, osetolysis in both (its a bitch getting old), poping and clicking. Any way I ran 2 ius of Jino’s per day and had no surgery, shoulder is OK. My shoulder plan looked like this:

  • 2 ius of GH (400 ius total)
  • Deca w/ some Test
  • Alflutop
  • USP Cissus
  • Knox Gelatin w MSM,Chondroitin
  • NOW Joint Formula

Good luck…