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Will Fat-Burners Make You Lose Muscle Mass?

I don’t really have a high body-fat percentage (probably about 10% or less), and I just wanted to know if MD6 or similar products will make me lose muscle in addition to fat. I do competitive weightlifting so my first priority is strength. I would like to get my percent body fat down to about 6% or so , but not if strength or muscle mass will be sacrificed? What do you guys think?

Unless you have very rare genetics you will lose muscle mass as you approach 6% (and even moreso if you go below that.) This isn’t caused by the supplements. It’s caused by the fat loss. Actually LBM retention is better with supplements like MD6 or the ephedrine/caffeine stack.

Depends on how much weight you’re attempting to lose and how much you’re cutting your calories back. Interestingly enough, the studies on ephedrine show that people are less likely to lose muscle mass. I find this myself to be true, in fact I like to take fat burners when bulking up. I know Dan Duchaine used to recommend this to people as well. With a faster metabolic rate you can burn fat faster as well as stay leaner when bulking up.

Theres no way you could lose muscle mass by using MD6. Actually, it will most likely save your muscles when you are on a calorie-restricted diet. It is strong thermogenic product. By the way, it`s definetely the best tool i have ever used when cutting fat.

No, they won’t. Exactly the opposite is true. All other things being equal, if you use the ECA stack, for example, you’ll lose more fat and less muscle.

I tend to agree that the ECA-type stacks help preserve muscle while on a calorie-restricted diet. But there’s absolutely no guarantee that you won’t lose muscle while taking ECA or even MD6, especially while getting body fat down to 6%. Don’t go more than 500 calories/day under maintenance and keep dietary records.