Will Equipoise Show on Blood Tests for TRT?

On TRT and I’ve been adding test for a total of approximately 500mg/wk cypionate and 450mg/wk equipoise for the past month. For a blood test, how long should I stop the equipoise before taking the test? I searched the Internet and found conflicting information on if the eq will even show up. Test will be for free/total test, estradiol, complete blood cell count, psa.
I’d prefer total test to be around 1,200 and not come back at something ridiculous.

Your T levels will be JACKED running 500mg/wk - likely in the thousands, along with a out of whack T/E ratio. The T/E ratio is what they test for (in sports etc to see if you’re using steroids). The EQ is the least of your worries, although it can still show up months down the road if they test for it. If you are on legitimate TRT and want to blast, make sure to schedule it when you aren’t going to be tested. Your doc sees whack results like that and you’ll be looking for a new doc.

i realize that much test will bring it up in the thousands, i am just wanting to know about the timing of the blood test as well as if the equipoise will show on the blood test (complete blood cell, total/free test, estradiol, psa).
i took 225eq and 200cyp a week ago and the weekly trt shot now.

i am just wondering what my blood work is going to end up looking like and how long i should delay taking the test.

worst case scenario, the doc drops me and i continue on with a good source for less money (due to insurance deductible).


so i was on closer to 500mg eq and 500mg cyp total per week and about a month in on this cycle.
i had 16 days since last injection of 250mg equipoise and 250mg cypionate, but then had another injection of 200mg cypionate (normal trt dose) 5 days later.
So… 12 days after the 200mg cypionate (and 16 days after the 250mg eq 250mg cyp) I had blood work done.
i just have some of the numbers as i had them read off to me:

Total test was 750
free was mid 130’s (whats the normal range for this?)
estradiol was 15
psa 0.5
rbc 17.4
hemocrit 53

numbers are rounded since i’m paranoid. doc just said to donate blood and nothing else.


  1. Go ahead and donate a pint of blood.
  2. Start hanging out in the “Steroids” forum instead of the “TRT” forum.
  3. You’re not doing Testosterone Replacement Therapy. You are abusing drugs.