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Will Ecdysterone Cause Failed Drug Test?

Hey Guys,

Got a pretty basic question with Ecdysterone.
Would you fail a drug test on the stuff? I have checked the doping list and it is not specified on there?

What do you reckon?


No it shouldn’t. Especially considering it doesn’t do shit for your body anyways. Most places don’t test for roids anyways, which it isn’t. The only places that i know of that test for roids are the NYPD, Rikers Island CO, College Sports, Pro Sports, SOME HS Sports, very few LEO’s.

Put it this way, Theres a shit ton of ecdysterone or turkesterone in A certain PWO supllement i take, and i passed my drug test just fine.

and what PWO is that

i cant type it on here because it isnt a Biotest company. but it does rhyme with Uber-Bump 250