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Will Eating More Get Me Stronger?

I’m currently bulking and my strength is going ok now but do you think if I ate 6000 calories vs the 4000 I eat already it would help my strength and revovery, Every person thats strong as shit all I’ve heard them say is “food is everything” and I saw a log from Frank Yang on Youtube and he was going for 8,000 a day.

Holy crap, you’re already eating 4k a day??
What are your stats? More than likely if you start eating that much you will start gaining a massive amount of fat.

Unless you give no fucks about being a fatso, go for steady weight gain.

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Dis pre much. Unless you’re starving at 4000 somehow or train with the workloads of an olympic athlete then jumping to 6000 will just turn you into a fat fuck.

If you want some good recovery gains try sleeping more.

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Ok and literally 4000 had me at hardly any fat gain, I started at that and sometimes at 5000, then I went from 55kg to 75kg and I may have just hit above 15% BF

I do have sleep issues honestly if I tried to sleep more I’d have to turn to sleeping pills or something, I am currently doing 5/3/1 and my workout accessories have me doing like 50 reps of chins a workout with a 5kg plate, I can always cut afterwards I thought once I get to that level of fat I don’t like I’ll probably look for a coach to help me with retaining as much strength and muscle as possible I usually try do jokers and heard I should only do them once in a while, my main goal though is to be as strong as possible and being strong and fat will not bother me

Sleep hygiene on point?

I have a problem with just constant thinking while I go to sleep, It’s basically anxiety I still get 8 hours usually, I did have a supplement called passionflower which helped me a little, What I’m saying though is after those 8 hrs I wouldn’t be able to nap or anything, I just want to get stronger and I thought the more you eat the stronger you’d get with good programming of course?

Can’t help you there my dude. Maybe try mindfulness exercises all the time I dunno or go see a counselor

Should be thinking more along the lines of “If you can put together enough recovery after being exposed to a given stimulus to drive adaption” you’d get stronger.

I guess technical the more the better when it comes to yum yums but to a point (hypercaloric diet pre much). Diminishing returns recovery wise with a hyper hyper hyper caloric diet. Not diminishing fat gains tho. So just eat enough

Yum yums are just one facet of recovery tho and if another area e.g. sleep is fucked or you have a lot of external stressors then you can make up a little ground with a good diet. Not much tho.

If you got your recovery optimized on all fronts (trick scenario because no one does and everyone’s can be better) than that’s all you have to work with for now. You could chuck in a phase of training to increase your work capacity for future gains but that’s probably unnecessary.


Yeah I am going to go do CBT sometime soon

I feel as though I have good work capacity I seem to breeze through workouts almost like every workout I can do a joker set, I might try to eat more protein instead and only go for the 5,000 I used to be good with, I was thinking of getting my sleep supps as they are super cheap too, Thanks

Melatonin 10mg; let it dissolve under your tongue or 20 minutes before bedtime. I also like ZMA for sleep quality.

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I’ve taken melatonin but never let it dissolve under my tongue, what does that do??

Not really, no. It’s not optimal to try building strength while eating too few calories, so “eat more for strength” is an easy way to ensure ample calories. Also, if your goal is to be as strong as a human being can be, as in, squatting 900+ pounds and benching 600+, you’ll need to increase your bodyweight to literally support that kind of performance, which means gaining weight over the long-term.

Long story short: “I’m currently bulking and my strength is going ok” … then there’s no benefit to increasing your calories right now, because you’re seeing results.

:flushed: Uh… I’m going to guess that, in this context, it doesn’t mean what I think it means. Whatever tickles your pickle, man.


Sounds like he might be referring to this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_behavioral_therapy

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Cognative Behavioral Therapy, Why what did you think it would be? :joy:

Will it make me dependant on it though?

No, I find a perfect combination for sleep and relaxation at night is 10 mg of melatonin + L-Theanine. You can find it online in bulk.

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We probably have different definitions of work capacity. I’m talking about how much work/volume someone can do in a given time before overreaching.

I Don’t think there are too many dependency issues with melatonin… It’s not like ambien or anything pharma… :smile:

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Actually, use of melatonin is known to shut down natural production especially at higher doses. It’s good to start low and work up to a working dose and then taper off if you find you’re not able to sleep without it.

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Cock and ball torture is never the answer