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Will Deadlifting with a Round Back Ruin Your Posture?


Will deadlifting with a round back on purpose give you a rounded posture even when you’re not lifting? I assuming it does because it develops the musculature of your back when its in a rounded position…


I dont get It why would you even want to lift with rounded back?


Better leverage and less range of motion. I also feel a lot stronger with a rounded back.


Assuming you mean rounded upper (and maybe a little middle) back, no, I don’t think so. If you sit hunched over a computer all day, that’s a different matter.

However, you want to be sure your back is strong enough to deal with the rounding.


When you look at guys like Konstantinovs, Coan, Scialpi, etc. what appears to be a rounded back is actually the lifter allowing the shoulder blades to hang instead of being held protracted at the beginning of the deadlift. This raises the shoulders 1-2 inches and results in a better back angle and helps the lifter sit back easier at the start of the deadlift.

Using Coan as an example, if his spine was out of alignment he wouldn’t have lifted as long as he did with those poundages without a notable back injury


I don’t think so.

I think all the benching would be more likely to damage your posture. This is why so many PL programs have you row, face pull, and band pull apart till the cows come home.