Will Customs be a problem in this case?

I looked at P-DOG’s situation and saw the wealth of information that you bros were putting forth to him,which is truly admirable.I was hoping you guys could offer advice in another legal scenario.

I have a friend that lives overseas who visits me occassionally and we go hunting and partying etc.Thing is, he can be considered an AAS source.My question to you guys would be what would be the probability that he could run into problems when trying to enter the U.S.?I do know that a few packs were seized not too long ago.How big of a deal is this?Thanks.

I think you need to provide more information. Was his name connected with what was seized? If so, they can put up a red flag on your name. I cross the border to Canada a lot for work. A couple years ago, they were hassling me about crossing back and forth so much. They basically got me to admit I was going over to do work. That required a 2 day $200 work permit. When I refused to pay, I was sent back into the States. For six months, everytime I crossed the border, I was sent over for inspection where they go through my entire car, look at my day planner to see what I was going to do. Moral of the story, only cross the border him if you know he doesn’t have anything on him.

Chotto,thanks…from what he has told me,he didn’t use his correct surname on the packages but did use his first name and his addy for the return address.Of course, he no longer resides at that address but I was just wondering if he could run into problems especially with this US Visit fingerprinting and photographing deal going on.