Will Companies Test for AAS?

I work for huge manufacturer 1500 employees in my factory, any way when i start my cycle i know i will blow up, a lot of people remember when i was younger and huge, i have legit trt. Has anybody heard of them testing for aas.

I think you’re the best person to answer that question…

Used to work for a large DoD contractor myself (10000s of employees). We’d have the pre-employment drug test that tested for the usual scheduled substances (cocaine, meth, weed, etc.) and got hired on.

In my instance, there was no fear of being tested again unless we screwed up on the warehouse floor, wherein, we’d have a drug test to see if liability could be shifted.

I think if you’ve worked for a company long enough, you know when a test is coming… and for what. I highly doubt anyone is getting tested for AAS unless you give them a reason to. It’s expensive and not something employers really care about.

A company that large likely has some type of HR handbook that you can look at that will tell you under what circumstances you can get tested and what type of test it is. The typical 12-panel test doesn’t test for AAS and I believe thats what most employers give.

I get tested a few times a year. I have never even heard of an interest in anything you can take, that does not cause intoxication or hallucination. Truthfully there’s several things that cause hallucination they don’t test for. such as magic mushrooms.

I have never heard of an outfit that likes to be sneaky about what they’re testing for. They want you to pass it. they just don’t want you to do those drugs. you should just ask, I’m sure they have a manual. You can also call up the lab that does the tests. they will tell you what they’re testing for. Generally you get fired for lying about what you use.