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Will Caber Show up on Drug Test?

Since caber is like a dopamine releasing drug does it show up on drug test done by hair or pee for jobs?

You could always Google drug tests and that would really tell you in 3 sec what they test for. Usually it’s up to a 10 panel drug test that tests for the 10 drugs you know they will test for. Unless you throw a little oxycontin in with the caber for extra effect you’re fine.

I think what your referring to is a “false positive” a lot of drugs prescription and otc can cause false positives on drug test. There is a pretty extensive list on Google of what drugs can cause it.

Anyways caber is not one of them. Another thing is for example you take sudafed which is known to cause false positives for PCP when they send it to the lab they are able to distinguish the difference between an actual drug metabolite and a false positive.

Yeah but Sudafed is a precursor to methamphetamine unless they steal anhydrous ammonia from a farmer (breaking bad). Caber isn’t used to make any amphetamines so there shouldn’t be any problems unless the job being applied for is a participant in a naturally low prolactin study.

Other otc that aren’t precursors can also show false positives. Nsaids for example can pop for THC and there are numerous others. Drug (the dip stick /cup kind) test don’t test for the actual drug they test for the metabolite which can easily be confused with a wide range of other things. Some Anti-depressants for example will show false positives as well.

Thats why those test aren’t amissable in court and why jobs etc will send to a lab. They are used as a preliminary measure often if you pass the cup test they will throw it out if you fail tho it needs t on be sent to a lab for confirmation