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Will Brock Lesnar Return to UFC? Lesnar vs Mir III?


Brock came back to the UFC last June to take on veteran Mark Hunt and he won by decision. However he was tested positive for banned substances (estrogen blockers?) and has been given a 1 year ban. Considering he probably wasn’t going to compete over the 1 year due to his WWE commitments, do you think Brock will be back 2018?

Brock’s fights:

Min Soo-Kim- Olympic Silver medallist in Judo but he wasn’t very good at MMA

Heath Herring- Complete manhandling over 3 rounds. Herring was more experienced but it didn’t matter.

Randy Couture- KO in round 2 but he was younger and 50 pounds heavier than Randy. HOWEVER, it was evenly matched in the striking and he took Couture down a few times

Shane Carwin- Survived a barrage against Carwin which COULD have been a stoppage because he wasn’t fighting back. But he got up and submitted Carwin. Also Brock had diverticulitis surgery so wasn’t at his best.

Cain Velasquez- Hit Velasquez alot and even took him down but Velasquez gave as good as he got and he exposed Brock’s weakness of getting hit in the face

Overeem- Cut Overeem with punches but I believe he was kicked in the liver or had his ribs broken by Overeem’s kick. Overeem tested positive for testosterone and Brock was not ready to fight; he didn’t attempt a takedown and he had just come off of a second bout of diverticulitis.

Mark Hunt- Lesnar was cautious throughout the fight and careful. He was physically too big and strong for Hunt. HOWEVER, Hunt wasn’t throwing bombs which made me suspicious.

There’s one guy I left out intentionally and that’s Frank Mir. I think a 3rd fight between Lesnar and Mir makes a fairytale ending for both mens’ careers.

Fight 1: Lesnar takes Mir down and hits him with hammerfists until Mazzagatti stands them up again for Brock hitting the back of Frank’s head. He then knocks Mir down with punches, hits him a hell of a lot, gets up again and gets caught in a kneebar.
This fight was in Lesnar’s favour and imo he could’ve beat Mir. HOWEVER, Lesnar was hitting Mir A LOT and Mir still persevered; Brock could’ve been caught a few times by Mir and I don’t think Lesnar could’ve knocked him out.

Fight 2: Mir attemps Tai-Otoshi but Lesnar stands firm; Mir tries a rolling submission but Brock postures up and lays the smackdown. In round 2, Mir threw a punch or 2 at Brock and hit him with two knee strikes and Brock FLINCHED/turned away. If Frank continued the striking could he have beat Lesnar??? Lesnar only got Mir down due to the jumping knee.

Both men are 1-1 with each other but I think Lesnar’s the better fighter. I can’t see Lesnar beating anyone else: Stipe- takedown defence, Junior- punching power, Werdum- submissions, Cain- punching power/aggression, Overeem- aggression, Ngannou- punching power.

I think Mir and Lesnar should have a rubber match