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Will Biotest Sponsor the UFC?

This site has been hyping the UFC A LOT recently…
T-Nation’s interest in the UFC seemed to come out of nowhere, and now it is mentioned all the time.

Is T-Nation prepping us for something to come in the near future???

Will Biotest become an official sponsor of the UFC once the Xyience contract expires???


Does anybody actually participate in the UFC somehow on this site??? Or just alot of fans?

That would be bad ass, but talk about all the extra traffic coming to this & the Biotest site. More newbies posting, more posts in general, more products being sold…ect. Would be interesting.

The only problem is that the UPC owns Xyience, so unless they sell it or shut it down I don’t know if this would ever happen.

No, I don’t believe they will sponser UFC. Or they might, but I think the big hype is because of this guy, Georges St. Pierre.

Sponsored by Spike, minutes after defeating BJ Penn in UFC #58.

I thought i read Biotest sponsers GSP from the UFC

The UFC already has a Supplement sponsor