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Will Be Coming Into Money Next Year


Anyone here experienced with portfolio management? We're talking about .5m USD. Obviously I don't wanna give the money to a broker in Tanzania promising 100% gains every 4 weeks, but nor do I want to keep it locked up earning 10% a year.

Risk profile - Federally guaranteed return at any time, under any circumstance, of 100% of my initial deposit.


10% a year is a poor return?


How about a broker in Nigeria?


That's what I was thinking. If you're hitting 8% it's not bad, 10% is good.

Most interest rates have gone to shit here, you'll be lucky to get 4.5%.


A guaranteed 10% return would be ridiculous. You should take that and run with it if your looking for something secure (if that's actually real).

Secondly, I think getting a financial adviser, even if that's just opening an account at Schwab, would be smarter than trying to get advice from a lifting communities message boards.


If someone is promising 10% garantueed in this climate he is trying to rip you off.

Plus, without knowing your age and your future plans it is kind of hard to tell what would be the best course of action for you.

You need professionel advisors and I think your best bet would not be to ask some guys on the internet on what do with that money but to try to get turned in the right direction to get the most bone-dry, no nonsense, experienced advise you can get.

And yes they expect to be paid handsomely, but they also know that they need to get results for their clients.


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If not....let's wait to see how that money grows, then give me a call.


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Being that I am a financial advisor, I gotta start by asking which country you are in (since your profile doesn't say). Second, yes that's a decent chunk of change but certainly not high in terms of accounts for active management. No, you're not going to get a guaranteed 10%, anywhere.

Second, a fixed annuity comes to mind if you are so dead set on maintaining your principal, but annuities don't pay shit right now. Active management fee's (meaning I watch the market, buy/sell/etc. for you) shouldn't be higher than 1% annual fee for an account that size.

PM me if you would like more information.


As said, 10% is great!!

Hell, if I could get risk free 5% on an amount like that, I would go with it. In 10 years, your half a mil would be a mil.


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Cheers, I'm in the UK but it's my longtime US girlfriend who's getting the cash when her family's estate is divvied up, she's in for about 500 large but could be a bit more.

Are there any tax implications? Also, what kind of perfomance could I realistically expect? Personally I could buy/sell houses, do them up, and make a lot better than 10% a year for not much work.


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I would definitely put it into property myself, buy one or 2 places, fix them up and resell or rent out.


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Tough old game in the UK but MEA is doing extremely well, my old fella turned down 2 impromptu offers worth a £30k gain over the last year just by remote-managing his property - he doesn't even let it out.




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