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Will Be Back in 6 Months


Hey all, I will go away from this site and will be back in 6 months to show progress. Prof X gave me a good advice when i beginner and so did others and that was instead of always reading/resarching, go and workout.

Also due to all this reading and articles i am constantly changing my split and stuff.So now i will go and focus on training and not log on here or visit tnation for the next 6 months and come back with some good progress.
I will write down my split and goals:

Day 1.Chest
Day 2.Back/Traps
Day 3.Legs
Day 4.Delts/Traps
Day 5.Arms
Day 6.rest
Day 7. start over.

Goal is in the short term to go below 10% bf then bulk up to 13% or so and then go down and up again to gain some size. I think i am currently around 12-13% with 4 abs showing but not great definition.But have a slight love handle problem.
Stats:177-178 cm, 74.5kg,21 years old.

Thank you for all your help everyone.Will be back with some progress pics :slightly_smiling:


No one cares if you leave. You are only allowed to make one of these threads if you are a well known or famous member so obviously if I were to leave I would be perfectly justified in creating one, but you? NO!



No, no, no. What you do is leave without saying anything, wait till people start wondering where you went, then when it seems like you are gone for good a meme thread will be created about you and when it reaches over 20 pages long (must be OVER 20 pages!!) then you come back and post in said meme thread and people will be like ohhhhh shit he's baaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK!


I created this so that i can come back and post the progress pics in 6 months and results this thread is not for ppl coming here stopping me from leaving(that is not the purpose).


I will be back in 6 minutes.

Gotta take a shit.

Minute 1: Walk to bathroom, grab reading material, seat placement, commence shitting
Minute 2: Shitting/reading
Minute 3: Shitting/reading
Minute 4: Shitting/reading
Minute 5: Wrap up shitting/reading. Commence wiping
Minute 6: Flushing, hand washing/drying, walk back to laptop.



Anything happen while I was on the can?


ya roybot posted a funny video of Arnold. He was like, "I'll be back"


I tought facebook on iphone killed reading while shitting and now chatting while shitting was the cool thing




Anyone not playing bubble blast 2 while shitting is missing out.




don't go!


OP...this ones 4 u!



If you were to leave someone would notice and start a "where is Waylander" thread.

TILF would never be the same... and Vixens everywhere would weep.

Or something.


I bet he's back in 2 days.


I expect you to look the same in 6 months with this approach.


what should we do while you're gone?


If he actually takes Doc's advice and comes back with progress it will make him famous instantly.


cold turkey?