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Will be 46 and Want to Do a Classic Show in 2019. Thoughts?

Hi all, new here from another forum. I am currently 45, and am a fairly consistent lifter. I weigh in around 225, and am 5’10’’. This would put my max weight for my class at 197. I want to do a classic physique show near the end of 2019.

Currently, I am on testosterone replacement therapy, and take 200mg of test cypionate.

Any thoughts on prepping for a show with about a 9 month lead time?

Can’t really answer … Without seeing pics

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Even if you max out your weight class, you have nearly 30lbs of fat to drop. Most likely there’s more to lose.

It’s probably wise to start dropping fat now. Do you feel you are carrying enough muscle to be satisfied with what you put on stage?

For a low level show I probably have enough muscle. I started slowly tightening up the diet and I have a lot of flexibility. I think when I get to mid-year that will be the real determining factor as to whether I wait till next year or not.