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Will Barotti Benched 1105lbs

Just absolutely nuts. Also crazy how little publicity there is.


What the hell is he wearing. Is it a bench daddy thing? those sleeves are giant open holes.

Insane speed either way. That’s just nuts.

1105 was the WR squat for YEARS


He needs to get real.

EDIT: this is 501kg. I wonder how Eddie Hall feels about it?


It moved quick! Wow!

Have you got a video of the full lift, because this appears to be the warm up.


To me it looks like the shirt works much more like a sling shot than a traditional shirt. Good to see they had 3 spotters on each side.

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Looks like one of these:

Which is exactly what it looks like a slingshot shirt, lol. Not entirely sure how I feel about them


He went from a 975 to 1105 in half a year? Crazy.

That is nuts…didn’t really look that tough to him at all

I think they’re going to Tae Bo about it.

My shoulder just popped thinking about that much weight on them. That’s a stupid amount of weight to put over your neck.

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Is there a smart amount of weight to put over your neck?


Yes, I think this is the appeal to shirted benching. It is simply more humane than raw benching as the weight is usually heavy enough to completely destroy your spinal cord as soon as it hits, rendering the lifter with a total lights out instantly.



I saw this posted in a powerlifting group, and from what I understand, the shirt is illegal in most feds. Obviously an insane lift in any event, but I have no idea how to contextualize it vs other massive bench presses in ‘legal’ shirts.

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I wouldn’t try. There is never any benefit to it, and it just invites silly arguments. Like trying to compare boxers from before Marquess of Queensberry vs after.


Huh? Not following how using a shirt is more “humane.” If you’re suggesting that raw benchers are putting their spinal cords in jeopardy, I guess that’s possible, but I’ve never heard of a spinal cord injury from a raw bench.

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If only David Tyree treated the ball like you did the joke.


@nealdog he’s suggesting the death from 1,000lbs is probably instant where a 600-700 raw is less likely to be instant and might just be a slow agonizing death.

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@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar basically it’s like this: most shirted benching is hard on the way down and a bit easier on the way up ( until lockout area usually )

These benchdaddy type shirts are basically suped up sling shots. As long as you can hold the weight going down is really easy and back up is insane up until lockout when all the rebound disappears and you’re just stuck holding the bar as it were.

They even made a squat suit like this and the results have been all over the board because you can’t really control the squat or deadlift when you’ve been thrown back up like a rocket.

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Interesting. Didn’t realize there are suits for the DL. Seems like it would be hard to get down into the starting position since you don’t have the barbell weight to help you get down there, as you do in the squat and bench.

Before they sold the suits, guys put their squat suits on backwards to pull.